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I powered it from 1st MCLR pin, put 8mhz oscillator with capacitors into 13th and 14th pin, connected led to 19th pin and led is not blinking. ??? MCLR/VPP is not the power pin. Must supply VDD pins 11 and 32. Please show your complete circuit. To simplify the test setup, you can run the PIC from internal oscillator. One
Hi folks. Recently I bought OLIMEX pic18f4550 (link: ). I am trying to interface it with PICkit by microchip. When I am trying to setup my IPE tu=o just test blinking led code under Tools I cannot find any option to select (Screenshot attached) 13652
Tried so many code but fail to interface.... OR please correct attached file Your main.c code has nothing there, just a blinking led on while(1) loop. In addition, there isn't a single evidence of an attempt to interface with this JHD240128.
I actually figured it out while I was typing this. I had the "lo" led wired wrong. Yes. It could be seen much better with a sketched schematic. Still, curious why the potentiometer isn't adjusting the speed of the blinking. Because it's not wired as variable resistor. You have the potentiometer wiper unconnected.
Hi. Cannot 'read between lines'... The data sheet for IC PCA9901 shows on page one : "The PCA9901 is a 20 mA current source for a single led that allows stand-alone blinking of a predefined pattern to off-load the microcontroller and save battery power. Programming of the device is done through a training sequence: the host controller sends
I need to blink 150 leds at a rate of 1sec delay using NE555 timer ic. I have studied about the timer circuit and required calculation for achieving proper timing. I have used R1 as 1k and R2 as 150k with C = 10uF and its giving me 1sec on and off time. Now I need to drive 150 leds with 1sec on off time. I am planning to connect all the leds (...)
h tried to compile a simple project using eclipse and I have this error: Description Resource Path Location Type make: *** Error 1 led blinking C/C++ Problem how can i solve it??
From personal experience, I can tell you that if you accidentally use a DC adapter that outputs a higher voltage than is specified, the power led will blink on a Xilinx Spartan development board. In my case, going back to the proper charger stopped the blinking. Unfortunately the overvoltage had damaged something else on the board and it was no l
Hello everyone! You will notice i'am not very familiar with electronics, but like DIY and try to do something from time to time. And believe my question belongs to "Elementary Electronic Questions" :) I decided to make an aquarium led light, found some topics on it and everything seemed pretty straightforward. But just seemed... I have Cree XM-L
hello everyone..i have a problem on my project..with pic16f877 microcontroller. My project is a 2 button mode led blinking ..Hope someone could help me..the problem is when I press the 1st button it working such code. but when I press the 2nd button it's not working such the code. which I programming in 2nd condition....
Hello, I'm new here and i'm beginner in electronic circuits, I would like to ask if anyone can help me in this small circuit. I would like to do blinking led (fade in and blink out). I saw some videos on youtube and i found one perfect: I bought components which he used (1x 1k variable resistor
I have a very basic question but i hold it very important in my understanding of the FPGA and the tools.. In ISE, once I generated bit stream for an example led blinking program, i could download on the board and could see the led blinking on the respective pins.. However, in Vivado, once I generate bitstream and then go (...)
My arduino Nano is not working. Pin 13 led is blinking with the normal sketch but same program (with other Digital pin) is not giving any results. resistor, led gnd are all in place. This is giving me headaches.
Now, the led can stay still for each word but I would like it to blink and it has to use multiplexer(in 74 series) for blinking. I have found 74153 use for blinking but I can't connect it to my system on Proteus. So, if you know how it work Please help Proteus was included. and photos represent how it blink but i cannot do.
I see that you are new to programming. First, scan all the switches and save their status in some variables. Next set the leds, one by one, into stop or blinking mode. Loop the whole cycle. Even if you are writing for one switch and one led, keep the scope for future expansion and add comments profusely
I have to make a very simple program for led blinking . Using buttons 1 and 6 lead me.When the button is pressed for a small time , then led 1 should be blinking. This code is part 2 of the led blink. part 1- Lead 5 & 6 part 2- led 1,2,3 & 4 blinking with batton scan As long (...)
Hi, I am testing a simple program of blinking two leds with 8051 uC, one led will blink all the time and another will toggle during an interrupt. I am using proteus simulator and keil v5. Debugging step by step of the code in keil shows it ok while running the code is not giving satisfactory output with interrupt led. (...)
Hi all, I am trying to write a code for PIC so that it can carry out different function depends on setting mode. Default mode: both led blinking Mode 1 : led 1 is blinking Mode 2 : led 2 is blinking But my code doesnt work as what i thought. I am using IF statement my code is as (...)
Hi, I am learning RTOS by myself taking ucos-ii and MSP432 evaluation board as a reference. In the reference code, which I download from its website, I find difficulty in creating two tasks(led blinking) that have different priorities. In reference code, BSP_Tick_Init() function called in the call back function so after creating another (...)
Hi. I found at my workplace an evaluation board based on GSM module SIM508 EVB V1.01, manufactured by SimCom What seems to be the problem: I have inserted a valid SIM card; soon after I activate GSM (by pressing Z1 button ) the GSM_NET led start blinking and then stops after 10-15 seconds. During this seconds ,I receive string "Call Ready