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Generate block ram, ROM or distributed ram through IP cores, i.e. automatic generation through wizard. it will ask you for the path of the .coe file, give it the path and your memory will be loaded with the data - - - Updated - - - If you had created your (...)
If you mean to say distributed ram by Dram and block ram by Bram in Xilinx FPGAs, then you can find it in ISE language template. In ISE, goto Edit menu -> language template -> VHDL -> synthesis Constructs -> (...)
There's a singular problem in synthesis report, that - if solved - would allow synthesis of your design in the present device: HDL ADVISOR - 5120 flip-flops were inferred for signal <ram_array>. You may be trying to describe a ram in a way that is incompatible with block and (...)
If you're planning to implement it on FPGA you can use block ram (Bram). Register files and Sram are bunch of flip-flops ganged together. You can define these as 2D array in Verilog. In most cases synthesis tools like Xilinx XST will infer (...)
I assume you are using xilinx. In ISE you can use planAhead tool to place your design. in this you can drag and drop set of nets to particular primitives. So select your DPram and place it on distributed ram. You want higher version of xilinx(may be 10 and (...)
You are Coding a ram for some purpose in your design. Depending upon the size of the ram, synthesis tool will infer block ram or distributed ram. Most FPGA boards have dedicated block (...)
The Xilinx block ram in silicon has a permanent address input register that cannot be bypassed. It other words, block ram can't do asynchronous reads. If your HDL doesn't include a similar register, then the synthesis tool can't use a block (...)
think what kalyansrinivas state are correct, your output should be only 8bits and u cannot output the entire ram. beside, u can specified a block ram attribute to allow the synthesis tool to recognize it's a block ram. for example: (...)
You can modify some block ram to distributed ram in Core Generator.
There are basically two types of ram , block ram and distributed ram. I think you are referring to Bram. Just see coding guidelines in XST manual Available at xilinx Site.Available at
The xc3s250e contains twelve 18-kilobit dual-port ram resources. Your design consumes eight of them. "Equivalent gates" is a strange metric -- useless to most people. Instead, read the other numbers in your mapper "design summary" report. They synthesis software will automatically choose distributed (...)
block ram is region inside the silicon what is just a ram module, distribute it is using LUT to create memory module
In Xilinx FPGAs, a block ram is a dedicated two-port memory containing several kilobits of ram. The FPGA contains several (or many) of these blocks. Inside of each small logic block is a configurable lookup table. It is normally used for logic functions, but you can (...)
Welcome to the FPGA club! You want a 1Kx18 block Select ram. They are convenient and plentiful. You probably don't want distributed ram for this application because it consumes regular logic fabric. Single-port or dual-port? Well, that depends on exactly how you want (...)
Hello In case of xilinx FPGAs, The FPGA contains a certain amount of block rams and distributed ram. For eample SpartanIIE 300 conatins 96kbits of distributed ram and 64Kbits of block (...)
Hi, I have not worked with xilinx chips before, I was wondering if it is possible to build several "relatively big" fifo's (4Kx8bit) in the chips and how much space would I be occuping for them? I have looked at severla documents,,, but I am confused about one thing (and I don't have experience with xilinx FPGAs) I noticed in the virtex spec.