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Hello all! first post wee. just want to ask for help. im having *some* problem with the pickit clone i made and am stuck made this DIY pickit clone from the blueroom pickit2 lite schematic. it works fine, but apparently it only has programmer capabilities and not debugging ones. i wanted to debug and i get the "Unable to enter debug mode" error.
hi frinds i want PK2 LITE-blueroom electronics circuit digram, hex file for pic18f2550 and the software kindly send. i had all the stuff before but now my hard disk has broken down so i lost all the data. kindly do the needful.
Please am about to build this pic kit2 lite from blueroom electronics circuit but i dont have pic18f2550 right now. Can i replace the 18f2550 with 18f4550 ? Will the hex file for the 18f2550 (provided by blueroom) work with my 18f4550. I have started testing it on bread board and sometime it will connect to pic kit2 software and not connected to th
this is already discussed in the forum many times... and there are clones of pickit 2 available already from blueroom electronics... A search in the forum would give you many results.... ---------- Post added at 08:55 ---------- Previous post was at 08:53 ---------- your solution is there in this thread dis
Hi, From what I have read, most diy pic based scopes are rather poor in terms of performance. Most of the plans I have seen are also rather old. If you are using a 2550 then the obious thing to me is to build a Pickit2 and use its inbuilt 3 channel logic analyser - full details here
I got a schematic from blueroom electronics that is pic kit2 lite. Had any one tried this, working are not . In the shematic inductor specified is 680mh i want to know what type of inductor is air core are iron core . And also tell me about the ferrate bread mentioned in the schematic
hi how to use pic kit 2 lite (blueroom electronics schematic)can any one tell me the header connection for pic16f877a ic and also tell me what soft ware shoud i use
Hi, The blueroom version of the Pickit2 "Lite" is well proven so no worries there. D2 supplies the Targets +5v if the target is not powered. Its important to use that type of diode as it only has a voltage drop of 0.2v. Yup. The 5V will be supplied by the USB line. it would appear that the diode would be shorted by the usb 5
I totally agree with betwixt. and there is one PCB artwork right on this site by NISHAL on a thread that is started by computerman29. Somehow the spec is inconsistent. if the item is for college students and if 5V alone is sufficient then either the blueroom Electronics design or the one suggested by John Blue could be tried. Mr Ragav knows
Vdd should be 4.6 to 5 volts as it is the USB supply passed through a diode. Confirm that the firmware is programmed in the chip. The said circuit and one from blueroom, is well tested, and built sucessfully by many of our friends here. Apart from the firmware, you may check for some hardware flaws on your PCB as i see it is home made. Cheers
Will the schematic of Pickit2 lite given by blueroom will work for both 5 and 3.3volt devices or we need a separte section which switches between the two? In Pickit2, is this voltage selection done by the firmware or manually?
Hi, The plans for both programmers attached including Bills blueroom version, who rightly describes your current design. If you do want to do more pics then the Pickit2 will save you hours of wasted time and money. I'm the other side of the border but hope you won't hold that against me !
Hi, You want to contact 'Bill' at blueroom directly or put a post in the Electro Tech forum which he regularly frequents. Also see this post which is similar to your probelm.
Theoretically you can use TMR0 to Set at Interrupt at 4Khz and then Toggle the Output.But you could rather go for a 628 like blueroom says as it is much easier to use. Also 84A is an obsolete part which is expensive than the 628
well, at true sleep operation, all clocks are stoped, so the usart will not work... But some pics, (sorry, I couldnīt check your pic) can stop the main clock but will continue to clock the peripherals, (Including you USART) which is called Idle State (PRI_RUN if I remmber)... your clock rate could be far upper, for Usart recieving, the actu
i need program with newest chip. like some newest 25XXX SPI chips. Is your middle name Rockafella by any chance .. $999 for a programmmer - yikes :!: As blueroom says for $35 you can buy a new Part Number: PG164120 - PICkit 2 Microcontroller Programmer with a full US guarantee. It currently programs a good few of the 2
The said programmer is based on parellel port which is almost obselute. Have a try on some new USB based versions of pic programmers suck as PicKit2 from AU electronics, Junebug from blueroom electronics, or buy a tiny pocket size PIC programmer from . Good luck
I'm with blueroom electronics, your issue is not clear. If you are asking if your PC can just send strings and the micro will handle via lookup tables the Row/Column to create the symbols, then it depends on the code you put in the micro. LCD Displays normally have the lookup tables built into them - with the ability for some custom symbols,
Hello blueroomelectronics! Can i use 18F4550 instead of 18F2550 since it is readily available? Regards.
You can also have a look at Junebug from blueroom Electronics is quite good and equivalent to Pickit2 which is a programmer cum debugger which also includes a tutor. You can download all the assembly instructions from thier site . Goodluck