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Hi.. i am trying to interface bluetooth module HC-05 with my mobile phone and tryng to send some datas on my mobile phone using 89S52. #include char num={"000"}; void main() { TMOD=0x20; //Choosing Timer mode TH1=0xFD; //Selecting Baud Rate SCON=0x50; //Serial mode selection TR1=1;
Hi, I need a development board with 4 CAN channels and a bluetooth module. The requirement is to analyse the CAN messages from 4 different CAN channels and respond to a smartphone via bluetooth. Does anyone know such kind of board?
I was tried to connect my mobile to my ubuntu system via bluetooth. but i cant. so tell me how to setup bluetooth in ubuntu for my mobile? Can you please tell me the details of your system....
Hi All Need you help? I am looking for a small software who can send text messages (like SMS) trough the bluetooth comm on the nokia 6500 cell phone (Symbian OS) Program should be sher-ware,freeware, or low cost. Thanks in advance Bobi
Hi all.... is it possible to send text messages via bluetooth i.e. in the absent of cellular network, will it be possible to send messages to a bluetooth-enabled phones and avoiding security protocols in the bluetooth system.. is it possible? thanx Ali
Hi... My prject is to simply send bluetooth messages without going through the bluetooth security Protocols i.e a mobile phone user sends a bluetooth messages and the receiver gets as a normal text message... Is that possible? Please starts me off with some ideas.. cheers Ali
Using your PC to send/receive SMSs: a useful project for demonstrating both bluetooth and SMS APIs Hi folks! I would like to propose a working together effort for developing a PC controlled midlet (via bluetooth) to both send and receive SMS messages and also, of course, interpreting them as well. I am always interested in (...)