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sd_card -> SDIO/SPI layer -> FatFs file system -> (DMA) -> (FSMC) -> SSD1963 (...) - optional bmp files is also should be decoded before being transfered to SSD1963. No video format available for bmp files.
Its very easy, You can write your own C program to convert it into array of data. for that you need to have the bmp header info table thats all....
Guys, Does anyone know on how to read bmp and display it to my TFT ? thanks
Hello Everyone, How to read an image file from SD card and display it on TFT lcd using Microcontroller. I am using ATmega32 microcontroller.
Hi all, Is there anybody suggest me how to display jpeg images from the SD card to 10.4" TFT lcd driven by my 8-bit microcontroller? :-PI done the SD Interface and also the lcd interface using SSD1963 controller, its working well and also I tried with the bmp images by reading the bmp header and display the direct (...)
Hi all, I'm working with the TFT lcd module development featured with SD interface. Already I done dislpaying bmp images from the SD to lcd by simply reading the bmp header and manipulating the RGB infm and displaying them in the lcd. I'm using C8051F124 MCU with the macronix flash. Coming to the point. I (...)
I have made a small project. This project is used to display bmp image on 128*64 lcd through uart. And include two part program: software used vc in pc ,and firmware runing in avr. There is a example: This is image needed to is
Hello, Can anybody help me in providing bmp to graphic lcd hex file converter for my 240x128 lcd. I know there are no. of them freely available on the net but i was unable to found one. any help is welcome. gREETINGS, You can program by yourself (I use C# .NET) to convert your image into HEX valu
Hi all, I am working on lcd controller SED13305.Now i am able to write Text and bitmap (.bmp) images to the display.I need to use scrolling too. Can anyone help me to do scrolling ... Please suggest a link or sample code to do the above Thanks Winses
I need a bmp to hex tool for ks0108 graphic lcd with size of 128 * 64 pixel
hai, plz help me in displaying some bmp file in graphic lcd using microcontroller thanks
use the software named as " HEX workshop" it converts bmp to hex files,then these hex files can be burned into EEPROM. and 8051 can read them.:D
bmp to PIC assembly utility. Version 1.1 Tanım: bmp2ASM.EXE converts bmp files to PIC assembly code. The assembly code table is then included in your PIC assembly program to display graphics on your lcd. The assembly output file can be easily modified to fit any assembler format or another language. With Delphi (...)
Hi, I am looking for BITMAP image display on NOKIA 3310 lcd.I am using AT89c5132. Can Anyone help me about showing BITMAP image on lcd. Or Someone tell me how to convert BITMAP image into Image array. Because I can show Image array on lcd Correctly. I am using FASTlcd to currently. Can anyone help.....:?: You c
I created a program for converting 1-bit black&white file into C, Basic or pascal data table. You just create a picture in any available graphic software (Corel, Paintbrush etc.) and export it as a *.bmp file. Then you load it into the program and convert to data table.
Dear all, Any way that I can get every pixel data(RGB) from a bmp file??? Any one can show me the related info??? Thank you for reply .... regards, etrobin
Hi all I use graphic lcd 128*64 any one have english font or arabic "as bmp pic" S 8O krat
Sorry the link can not be opened. maybe you can get some ideas form the c program for draw line in bmp format.
Hi xjimmy2001, here is a usefull link for the bmp2lcd and more stuff about lcds. Tornado
I begin programming in C a graphic lcd 128x64. I found some programs called bmp2lcd wich change a bmp file into an array, but there is no example of using it. How do you put this on an graphic lcd. Does anybody have examples? Thanks I'v googled, but only found the programs and NONE of them (...)