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Hello all, I have bought my arm7 board. I have installed uvision4 for arm. In my project i am trying to use default start-up file the configuration wizard of the startup file MAM and PLL setup are enabled. But when i try to debug, whatever changes that are in the start-up file are not re
I am Balamurugan working as a Research Fellow in PSGIAS at Coimbatore. I am working on arm 7 processor (LPC2368) . I wrote a program for PWM1 .but i don't get the output from pin no. (P 1.20) PWM1.2 at MCB2300 board as well as Logic Analyser . Can you tell the exact pin for PWM 1.2 in MCB2300 and also register name for PWM 1.2 in logical analyse
Hi, I'm using aduc7022 microcontroller custom board and I have two GPIO pins (SPM4, SPM5) I want to use as RS232 Tx and Rx. ( ) Is there any white paper, a reference source or any kind of information that might be useful on these kind of microcontrollers about implementing RS232 on GPI
i have s2c6410 arm board. so i want to compiler to compile my programmes.
I am planning to buy blue board of LPC214X series. The purpose is to learn arm and RTOS. In next month, I will start learning arm and RTOS. Can anyone let me know, whether blue board is good choice or not? Also, which RTOS shall I start with?
Well, I make some researchs and I want to find this kind board, which based on 600MHZ arm Cortex-A8 core and has a 7" TFT-LCD with Touch Screen. Besides, the important thing is that it has a WCDMA module. And I don't know how many kinds doe it have. Can any one help me?
check these processors based controllers which support SATA bus arm Single board Computers for Embedded Systems TMS320C674x, ---------- Post added at 08:47 ---------- Previous post was at 08:45 ---------- The Serial ATA bus is the serial versio
you can check this vendor who sells board.. arm 9 KIT WITH TFT
If you are new then better to go for a basic version of arm7 like LPC2129 or LPC2148. For this you need keil4 or 3 software to program it and Philips flash utility software to program the chip... But you should have a development board with you or design it ....... check this
Hello, TI's OMAP3530, DM3735 arm processors can support ddr. Atmel's AT91SAM9G45, Samsung's S5PV210 arm processors can support ddr2. You can check below boards for reference: Embest DevKit7000 S5PV210 Evaluation Kit, Samsung S5PV210, Development board, 1GHz, arm Cortex-A8, Android 2.3, DDR2,
Our company has just released a new development board based on Samsung S5PV210 mobile application processors. The processor is powerful can work up to 1GHz with arm cortex-A8 core. The board can support running Android 2.3 with high performance. You can get some information here: Embest DevKit70
Hi friend please check the format of the message thet is being is not the usual way.We had worked on capturing the message and displaying it on lcd using arm blue board.
This fits your needs ? Mini2440 | S3C2440 arm9 board - Friendlyarm +++
"Busybox set of commands for Friendlyarm Mini/Micro2440 development board. Source code."
We have a s3c44b0 board but no FPGA Embest home, Development Kits, Single board Computers and Custom Modules provider for arm Embedded Applications
What kind of boards are you looking for. you can check CoiNel Technology Solutions LLP for more details on arm Based boards.
I would like to buy a microcontroller development board which I would like to use on a long run. I would like to have a quality development board worth the price. Cost is not a concern.
Andre, I was thinking of getting the hawk board for AM1808 and since there are a lot of issues surrounding the board itself, i guess i will have to go in for a alternate options. Meanwhile could you kindly give me more details on Techwell and the parts you used.
check this ---------- Post added at 12:17 ---------- Previous post was at 12:15 ---------- Mini2440 Samsung S3C2440 arm9 Development board 3.5
there are lots of arm examples on the NXP web site which may help NXP Semiconductors - Microcontrollers are you using a development board or are you building your own PCB ?