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Hello, I'm a researcher trying to build a device that grabs RAW monochrome VGA images from a fast, LVDS camera (100+ frames per second) and stores them onto a SD card, and also drives a touch LCD (plus a trifle little other logic) I'm wondering what would be the correct development platform for this? Should I go with an arm based s
Hello, I need some input on implementing cache in Linux source code for RISCV. Suggestions on documents to follow are expected. Can I take Linux Source code foran arm based board as a reference? I'm not getting a starting point. Please help Thanks
Hi, I want to design a application for that required a micro controller development board with following features: 1) 32 bit micro controller with arm & Cortex M3/M4 2) Communications : 2 CAN, 2 UART, 2-3 SPI/UART, LIN Support 3) Min clock speed : around 64MHZ 4) Inbuilt Timer & RTC Support 5) I/O Pins : around 50 6) board should (...)
I have a Xilinx Zybo board. I followed the tutorial here and was able to create my own IP (simple multiplier) and got it connected to the arm processor over the AXI-Lite bus. I want to do the same thing over AXI-Stream bus so that I can continuously send inp
Hi, I'm new to the atmel arm series MCU's and I am trying to create a simple program so that when I press the user button, the led on de board lights up. (I am using the SAM4s Xplained pro development board) I want to do this without the ASF functions, but with the GPIO registers like PIO_OSR, PIO_ODSR, PIO_PDSR etc. Can anyone (...)
I'm trying to interface a 16*2 lcd display and 4*4 keypad with lpc 1343 board. I have successfully finished interfacing the lcd. but can't find the keypad.h header file to interface the keypad. I'm using lpcxpresso v7 IDE. i'm comfortable using keil uvision5 too. help with the keypad interfacing code would be most appreciated.
any body know from where to buy arm evaluation board in INDIA??
how can i get the api for connecting dht11 to lpc1768 arm board using coocox ide??? please help me out!!! thank you in advance
i want to implement Cortex M0 minimally on pcb,for BLDC motor controll final year project.I have STM32f4 Discovery board,how can i implement a arm minimally on pcb and program it through my stm32f4,Schematics and little explanation will be sufficient.
Hi All, I am using jtag (olimex jtag tiny) [link: for on-chip debugging. This comes with a 20 pin output. My board has a 14 pin interface with '2mm pitch'. It is a Xilinx Virtex 5 base board. I searched on google, but I am not getting the right adap
haven't done any electronics work since graduation in 08. at the time people were giving slack that the 8051 is ancient but i didn't want to agree because atmel and silicon labs were producing modern versions of the 8051 and still are apparently. should i get a 8051 dev board with one of the newer 8051 ucontontrollers or should i move on? any re
I'm looking for a development board for hobbyist work. This will be for general purpose use; I have no specific project or application in mind, but the broad categories are computer vision and airborne vehicle control and navigation. However, it must be fast (1 GHz clock rate if that's possible). Once the project is developed, I may field it on a s
HI all guys, I had a problem to name this thread, cause it is rather broader topic. So, I have designed a board with arm LPC1768 and 434 MHz transciever CC1000 from TI. What I want to do now is to make proper firmware structure. As for the requirements, the receiver must be able to receive different frame types, with different encoding schemes,
I am Newbie to arm CORTEX series micro-controllers. I have bought a STM32F401 NUCLEO board. I am planning to program it in Keilu5/u4. I am not able to understand the use of libraries in keil environment. i request you to kindly provide any documents for using keil or any blogs to successfully work with my new stm32f401 board on all protocols.
i want to make an arm that uses a leap motion for the detection of user's hand movements and the arm imitates them using a wireless module. but how do I convert the leap motion output to electrical signals I need to send to wireless communication board? is this project possible??
Hello, I am looking for a arm micro-controller that has 10-bit 500MS/s ADC or more. If it comes with a evaluation board that would be great. If anyone knows about such board, please let me know. It is very urgent for my research. Thanks.
Hi, I am just stepping into arm development using M0 Cortex 32 bit mcu, with C/C++ languages specifically. For this now I am using the Teensy LC board, this uses the Freescale Kinetis MKL26Z64VFT4 mcu, with the Kinetis SDK and IDE. My question is which of these are better ?? I have also found this from Cypress which is quite cheap compared to
Hi all, just got myself STM32F103C8T6 116912 off ebay, and would like to start with 32bit uC. Because this is clone , I am little confused about it, I know that there are commercial begginer boards from ST but this one seems cheap and valid just to start off. What would be the best way to start and where with progr
Yep, both LPC and STM are nice micros for starters (like me) if you still work in a breadboard, take a look on the LPC1114, this dude explains everything to make it work with arm GCC and the lpc' bootloader... if you plan to buy a development board, I can sugge
Hello everyone I am wondering if anyone has set up a tool chain for the Atmel SAM G53 Xplained Pro board or the ATSAMG53 on linux. For the compiler/linker I would use the arm-NON-EABI toolchain However I am not to sure what I should use for the debugger and programmer. I know that atmel provides the following programmer "Atmel SAM-BA In-s