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Is nrf24l01+ from Nordic Semiconductors FCC certified ? It is hard to find out from their datasheet whether FCC approved ? Is it FCC approved ? If it is approved and I use it in my PCB and control it via my arm cortex processor, do I need to get the entire PCB board FCC approved ? Also, I am using sierrra wireless HL series modem chip which
Hello, I am newbie to arm i used to code in AVR and PIC. I am having a LPC 1768 development board comparing to AVR, the examples are so much confusing. Where can i find good tutorial or manual to start programming arm board with understanding whats going inside?AM looking for beginners things like GPIO,ADC,DAC,USART etc (...)
Hello, I want to port Android Lollipop on a proprietary arm board which is not available commercially. Can anyone help me as for where should I start? Any useful links are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hi, where can I purchase arm cortex (any one m0/m0+/m3..) development in Mumbai(or India)? which could be directly connected to usb something like stm32 discovery boards? Do distributor like arrow or av-net give individual boards or components to a individual? actually i am in a hurry so cannot go on farnell etc
I am trying to connect JTAG to MIPS 24Kc SoC which has 8 pin out of the board. The pins are- TRST, TCK, GND, TMS, TDI, VCC, TDO, RST. My JTAG device is FTDI2332 based, 20 pin, arm-USB-OCD from Olimex. The router's onboard Vcc pin (jtag) is 3.3v when JTAG debugger's Vcc is 5v. Unlike the 20 pin JTAG configuration, there is no Vcc (ref) pin (...)
Hello. I have settled on a ADC for a project, ADS1174, its a 4 channel simultaneous sampling 16-bit ADC. I have a Arduino Due(SAM3X8E) which I am using, I'm thinking of etching a board to fit over the Due as a protoshield. The ADC has a SPI interface but it has one output signal for each channel, and I wonder how I should use them. I want to
I have a Toshiba TC35667 evaluation board (arm cortex) with BLE module. I have done proper jumper settings according to their starter guide. But I can't download the code. Getting error "Failed to get CPU status after 4 retries". I am using the latest J-Link debugger from SEGGER, the latest J-Link software, and IAR. Below is the output of J-Li
Hello Folks, I am a software developer and a total newbie to electronics. I want to design an electronic board( or use an existing board) where i can use gps and gprs facility. The purpose of this board is to send the gps coordinates of the device to a remote server via gprs on press of a button. The board has to (...)
Hello, I test project for STM32F205 in MDK-arm, compliling and debugging code in board over J-Link is not problem, but testing debug over simulator in MDK-arm end error *** error 65: access violation at 0x40023800 : no 'read' permission Any advice?
I am new to board bringup, looking in to this thread in stackoverflow. I have a WiFi board with TI chip (arm cortex M4). Wondering what are the tools that I need. Oscilloscope? Power supply? JTAG programmer? Anything else?
Hi, I'm trying to understand TI JTAG programming protocol. I've a Stellaris LM3S2965 board and I'd like to create my own programmer but I don't know what JTAG instructions (and when) I have to send. Someone told me it's documented but I don't find anything on the web. Do someone know where I can find it? Thanks.
Hi,guys! I am really not to know how to solve my project problem now. So I post here for some suggestion from you.Thanks at first. My project is a video/audio player board, on the board, there are FPGA,arm and x86. We build a transparent pass for communicate with x86 and arm via FPGA.This is mean that FPGA supply a (...)
i want to use cortex dev. board and i don't know which is basic, medium and higher series. If any one know any dev. board for cortex plz suggest. till now i have used lpc2148. and don't know about cortex anything.
hello guys i just got the following development board the altera DE1-SoC and was looking for good ebooks regarding programing this board and working with the dual core embedded arm processor i downloaded a couple of reading material and some eb
There are available interesting videos on the Web evidencing some successful experiments already performed on embedded platforms based on the same core processor arm Cortex-A8 used on Beaglebone board. As you asked, such projects employs OpenCV library to process captured video streams took from Webcam, but planned for achieve much more that c
I have been working with 8051 & AVR for the past 3 years, now I am willing to upgrade my knowledge to arm. I ordered the STM3210VL Discovery board but some how I am unable to successfully execute even a simple blinky program. Some errors keep crouching in. I have spent more than 40 hours on the internet, watching videos and reading blogs but I
I want to write to a physical address to change the voltage of a pin using an arm board- but in order to write to a physical address, I need to take a virtual address, and map it to the physical address using mmap. So I did that, in this way: #include #include #include #include #include
i am interfacing ps2 key board in arm lpc1768, the ps2 supply voltage is 5v but lpc1768 is 3.3v how can i connect the interrupt and data pins in lpc1768 should i use any resistor.thank you regards,
Hi, I am planning to use STM32F103CBT6 development board along with a CC3000 breakout board for my wireless project. I am wondering which STM32F103 development board to chose to work with the CC3000 breakout. This [URL="
hi guys i,d like to recompile a project using iar arm compiler.i use stm32f4 discovery board and i want to recompile "Demonstration" project which downloaded from st site but afer compile iar errors give 30 error please help to solve this problem thanks a lot //----------------------------- Building configuration: STM32F4-Discovery_Demo -