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For 40 dollars, I prefer this one : +++ nice board indeed !
Hi, Im working on an arm based embedded system running a Ubuntu distro. In order to keep performance, due this board is intended to work remotelly, there is no need to allow uC keep HDMI processing. What Im planing is work on 2 modes : Operating and Support. On operating mode, video output would be disabled to avoid waste core process
Im new to beaglebone board... Need tips on how do i start off with SPI,UART and I2C buses in beaglebone for arm CortexA8...
? One Day Hands-On Training on the board to get your work started ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!!! ? Want to do RAPID PRODUCT PROTOTYPING? Looking for Best arm Development board in INDIA ? Looking for Best arm Single board Computer in INDIA ? I found one ?Cosmic-AM335x? !!!! Features: - TI Sitara (...)
Hello friends, greetings. I have designed a robotic arm based on emg signal extracting from biceps. The emg signal I extracted using amplifiers is faithful and reliable. So to interface it with the arduino board I am giving emg signal to analog pin of the board and did common ground (of both emg circuit and arduino board). (...)
iWave Systems Technologies recently introduced the iW-RainboW-G15M i.MX6 Q7 module. The new Qseven module features the Freescale 6 Series 1.2GHz arm Cortex A9 quad/dual/single core processor, on-board eMMC flash, Micro SD slot, expandable DDR3 memory, PCIe Gen2, Gigabit Ethernet, SATA 3.0, HDMI 1.4, SDXC and MIPI CSI/DSI. The Rainbow-G15M-Q7 i
I'm not sure for this board. can you determine if the DDR3's are connected to the "PS" io pins, or the "PL" io pins. IIRC, the processor (PS) pins are not readily accessed from the programmable logic (PL) pins. You might also look into accessing ram via the AXI/DMA on the arm section as well.
Are using any development board or own board . Are using RS232 programming mode. There was no communication between pc and Lpc2129.
friends : just got a request on another forum on C++ project with LPCXpresso for the NXP LPCxxxx arm cortex microcontroller families. this is not advertisement, please, it's cool to get a jtag-controller and simple target board for less than $30.-- and a free C++ SW development environment for linux and windows for FREE. so i thought i pos
i want to learn programming of arm9 mini 2440 in embedded c. can i get videos or tutorial or any good books for beginners. thanks
sry the code is correct..actually the led is embedded in dev board and its connected to the other way...... And I'm not sure what you meant by that, does it mean that you reversed the logic states in the code and you solved your problem?
Hi All, This day, I'm trying with arm microcontrollers (AT91SAM3S2B), and have an error when compilling. I'm using SAM3-P256 dev board from Olimex, Eclipse + Yagarto and the file for blinking a led is lisled below. 9413994140 this demo software is from Olimex. *----------------------------
I am trying to execute the following code in arm kit. Elaborate on the arm kit to which you are referring. What is the make/model/manufacture of the arm and development board? Is this device running an Embedded Linux as an OS? Is the arm an S3C2440? Why is the title, "Serial Communication (...)
You might also want to consider the: BeagleBone Black I have several of both the Raspberry PIs and BeagleBone Blacks, I find the BeagleBone Black which utilizes the Sitara AM335x 1GHz arm? Cortex-A8 a much better development platform.
Dear All I suppose to visit Singapore end of the this week. It would be much appreciated, if some one guide me any shopping complex to buy arm STM32F development board and related products. I know only Mustafa Thank You. Thanks in advance
Hi all i have written a simple code for IRQ interrupt which should display one led pattern before interrupt and other after interrupt has occurred. the interrupt is an external interrupt EINT0. i dont have any errors in code i even made changes in the startup file but even then i am not able to see the output on the board after loading it......
Frnds I just want to know " PARALLELLA board OR arm PROCESSORS" which development board has a better scope for implementing functions in short period of time and which development kit has a bigger screen architecture wise? hope this forum will help me .. waiting for the replies
Dear ALL, I am new in arm and for RTOS. And I want to buy a development board for learning. Please suggest which one is better friendly arm or EMBEST - EM-LPC1768. Thank you :???:
Hey, I'm kind of new to this stuff so bare with me... :) I want to buy the following board just to play around with the arm processor for studying purposes. MikroElektronika has there mikroC PRO for arm, but it costs more then the board... I need some IDE for this MCU, any suggestion? A
Yes, you will need development board or development system. Look to use M4. Best regards, Peter :wink: