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I thought about buying one of the following boards: or maybe For studying purposes. I have an experience in Xilinx FPGAs, Virtex 5 and Spartan 6. I would have bought there zynq 7000 but it's a bit price
I'm going to learn microcontroller programming and I'm confused as to which controller/board to buy.I would like something that's good for beginners and easy to learn without sacrificing on functionality.I've worked a lot with analog electronics before and but this is the first time I'm going to work with this.There are many boards available and I
Use any arm Cortex microcontroller based board. Like M3 or M4 family. In my experience STM32F1xx series can be good choice. Try looking around what MCU has more tutorials to start with - will be easier to get in.
Hi All, I'm interfacing a GPS module with a arm processor using UART communication. I tested the output voltage from the GPS, its 2.85 v as per the datasheet and the pin which I'm connecting on the board(MCB 1700, LPC 1768 microcontroller) has a description like this ?5v Tolerant pad providing digital I/O functions with TTL levels and hyst
Hi, I'm interfacing a skynav skm53 GPS with an arm cortex LPC1768 microcontroller on board MCB1700. Here's the small code snippet for initialization of UART and reading GPS data. I can see the characters coming in but I don't get them in desired sequence i.e NMEA format (starting $GPGGA). Please let me know if there is anything wrong in my c
SBC210 is a EPIC size (Width x Height : 165mm x 115mm) single board computer. It is implemented with a SOM210 CPU module which is based on Samsung?s high-performance S5PV210 multi-media application processor. With the rich features that S5PV210 provided and the product-ready software packages, SBC210 enables developers to design embedded pro
Hi all. Currently, i am learning Embedded linux in which i am supposed to create a kernel image along with u-boot image and have to load it into arm development board. I have successfully compiled linux kernel 3.8.5. After this, i need to create a u boot image. I am planning to create this uImage file using "mkimage" command. Here are my que
Im using Kwikstik eval board which has arm CORTEX M4. I want to know, upon POWER ON RESET in which mode the Controller starts to run. Whether in normal 32 bit mode or in 16 bit Thumb mode. Please reply me soon.
I am trying to debug a tutorial program provided by Actel on its SmartFusion Development Kit using Keil MDK arm 4.70a. As per the tutorial, I have ensured all the jumper settings are in order. Initially, when I tried to debug the program, I got a message displaying "Need to update the firmware", to which I clicked "Ok". After a while though, I got
Hello friends,,,, I am using arm Cortex Stellaris board,it is running perfectly in the morning,but after some time when i am going to do programming,then my device LM3s9b95 is not detected in the microbootloader. my reset switch is wrking perfectly but my device is not detected in the bootloader. then i use programming u
Hello!! Everyone i am new to arm Micro-controller's, few months back purchased a Development board having LPC2148 Micro-Controller. I did Lcd Interfacing, UART and led also, but having some problem with ADC Interfacing. Here is the Circuit for that. 87262 But its not working, LCD is working fine, please help me,
Hi friends, Taking a look on various development kits, we can see many examples of applications regarding Webservers. However, Im looking for an application in which the remote board will send data in HTTP protocol to a host. Anybody could sugest a demo firmware project ? ( no restrictions about manufacturer : TI/ST/ATMEL/NXP.... )
I am in need of generating a sine wave within the arm 7 processor.... Could anyone please help me with the code? I am working with arm LPC2148 Developement board...
Hi everybody... First of all, I'm so sorry if i posted this in a wrong place! Well, i posted it in a Portuguese EDABord version but had no reply so, I wanna know if it's possible to run MS-DOS (either 5 and 6.22 version) on a board with an arm or AVR core. 'There is no importance' if it's necessary to run over an VM, I just need 2 UART (one f
hi all, i am using arm LPC2378 development board .i want to display the characters in glcd . i m using IAR embedded workbench for the compile the coding. i wrote the program for displaying the characters in the glcd and i can display the same character in hyper terminal separately , but i want to display the character both in the glcd and also i
Hi, I'm looking for an arm board suitable for running apache and mysql (plus x later on). It should be as cheap and power-saving as possible. Can you provide any information about the different arm cores? Raspberry is running an A11, most other boards run A8 and some have A9. This is what I got so far: Raspberry: (...)
Hi all, I am currently designing a Telemetry system for my Model Aircraft. So i need a board with GPS,GPRS and a Microcontroller Possibly an arm(LPC2148 or similar) And that board should also have RS232, USB Host and GPIO for analog input to monitor fuel level, temparature air pressure at current position. I may consider a digital (...)
Hi every one, I need pulse width modulation application program for LPC2929 processor.
Hi can any one help me, MCB2929 arm Evaluation board (LPC2929) is it supports for TIMERS and PWM Technic applications?
dear friends, i am beginner for arm processor. I know How to execute 8051 programs in kiel. i kno 8051 assembly programming and i also know embedded C little i would like to start programming LPC2148 arm 7 micro controller. i had blue board. i would like to start programming arm lpc2148 in Eclipse. please (...)

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