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I am using a STM32F4 FSMC to address external 16-bit SRAM on a custom board. Everything is OK. I want to connect an external FPGA and I'm not so clear about the actual addressing. Please correct me if I'm being stupid, the MCU is 32bit, but the internal AHB address bus is bytewise. The external address bus is 16-bit, so A0 addresses 2 x 16-bit
Hi. I need to interface the MCP 4161/4261 digital potentiometers with an arm based board using SPI. Does anyone know how to use them and program them using C? Or is there any site that I can use which has tutorials? I've found a few with BASIC but its hard to make head or tail of that code.
Tiny210V2 S5PV210 arm Cortex-A8 Samsung single board The Tiny210V2SDK is a high-performance design based on the Samsung S5PV210 arm Cortex-A8 microcontroller with 512MByte DDR2 RAM, 2GByte Nand Flash, RTC, Audio and Ethernet capability. The system consists of a mot
Hello everyone, I have a handy little gadget from china that I want to hack on. The main brain is an arm and a eLQFP 176pin 20x20mm package. They did not break out any of the spare GPIO as nobody expected them too but I have a novel idea and would like an opinion on its feasibility. So the highest component on the board is 2mm off of the moth
Hello all, Do you guys have any step-by-step tutorial how to create new project using IAR workbench? I have Freescale KwikStik board. Does the IAR workbench add arm core startup files automatically or I have to do it manually? If manually, then I am interested where to get the startup code. There are examples for Kinetis microcontrollers but I nee
The development boards actually utilize arms from two distinctly different architectures. The STM32F103RCT6 is an arm Cortex-M3 and theAT91SAM7X512 is an arm7TDMI. Apart from the different architectures the actual development boards were designed with different roles in mind. The Netduino (...)
If you want to make your own board it makes sense to check the datasheet and a couple of schematics of existing development boards and see what they use for supplies etc. Here is an example
Just ordered the stellaris arm LM4f eval. board from TI. While it wont arrives im interested to know about the arquitecture and programming of the refered mcu. My knowledge in mcu's resumes to pic and picbasic. Basic knowledge in C programming but not in arm / mcu enviroment. Googled the subject triyng to find codes and projects already (...)
Hi I have designed a board using LPC2388 and a SD card class 10. I use RL-arm library for interfacing SD card in Native 4-bit mode. Every thing is Ok, but a problem exist. The write speed on SD card is very low (about 1MBPS). I expect at least 3-4 MBPS, when I inspected more deeply I understood that when microcontroller send a command to SD car
Is the datasheet available for the rotary encoder? Is the rotary encoder located on a development board? If so, which development board is it? BigDog
Hi, 'LabVIEW Embedded module for arm microcontrollers', supports Luminary micro LM3s8962 board and NXP Keil MCB2300 Evaluation board. Not sure about arm friendly mini2440. You can try LabVIEW PDA module for developing windows ce applcations 77741. The link gives enough details to star
Hello friends I am using Tiny210(armCortex A8)Android development board from friedlyarm. and I am try to enable SERIAL Functionality or communication. In which I am ""enable to send the data on serial port"". but I can not ""receive the data from serial port". Friendly arm (...)
I am first time developing a system on arm microcontroller for my project my project is some sort of data acquisition and control system. I have to get the data from some sensors and display it on pc through ethernet I have no prior experience with Ethernet or arm(did some arm programming on 2148 but never developed a (...)
Looking at a (presumably) identical board on eBay, it appears that the relays are SPST (single-pole, single-throw). SPST means each relay can control one circuit (single pole),
hello friends i am using the Tiny 210 development board(arm CORTEX 9 - friendlyarm). and i used a feature like serial. so there is a library for serial and i passed the argument of serial port, baud rate, data bits and stop bit. so i confused about the address of serial port. so let u give me the document sources where (...)
hi, I am doing GPS data microcontroller is arm CORTEX M0(LPC11U24). I am able to read and write data in sdcard using LPC11U24. But I am not able to make sd card as mass storage device(If i connect board to PC It should the contents of SD card,like pen drive). I need a example code for SD card as mass storage device using LPC11uXX.
Hi all .Who can post simple schematic and firmware of Jlink that use CLK, SWDIO v? GND signal ? I want do simple circuit to programing for ST32 microcontroller. Help me Buy a STM32VL-Discovery board (Cheap) , or a STM32F4-Discovery (Powerfull) both has an onboard SWD programmer that also can program external ST
Hi, I am interested in FPGA and arm microprocessors. Last days, i study beagleboard. Can we design beagleboard with fpga layer by layer. For example base layer (base board), with min. configuration must be run like mini pc. For example wireless layer (wireless board) with base layer must be run like (...)
Hi, Planning to buy two arm development boards for programming (assembly & C) one cable of running Linux and for small embedded system. good to have... USB (may be host and slave) UART Ethernet LCD JTAG I2C budget is tight. please suggest few Thanks, BT
Hello friends, I am working now on the TFt LCD display that is interfaced with arm cortex M3 stellaris board. can anyone tell me how can i display color on my TFT LCD display. i have init my TFT lcd and fill it basic colors balck and white. it is working correctly but when i send any of the color in combination of RGB that is not the dis

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