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What is ethernet? If you speaking about IEEE 802.3i (RJ-45 connector) I do not problem, you use switch and any MCU with MAC Layer. For example arm32 STM32F107 Development board , for example
hello friends.. Currently i am working on Micromedia Stellaris arm Cortex M3 has inbulit TFT LCD display having a touch screen also. I am now trying to start the Touch screen on the TFT display. it has two analog input and two drive output to the touch screen The analog input is connected to the PORTB(PB4:XL,PB5:YD) Drive A = P
Hello, im trying to setup eclipse for programming the STM32 Dsicovery board using this tutorial: but at the end, this is what i get when trying to build the source in eclipse: **** Build of con
Hello, I am using Foxboard. Take a look at it. Foxboard G20
hi,, any one help me ,, i have mini 2440 linux friendly arm ,, how to net conect in this board ... please any one help step by step....
i need some help for internet connection.. my board is friendly arm mini2440.. operating system qtopia..i am trying to connect my LAN cable, it shows some application error 11..
lpc 2148 board
hello frineds currently i have bought the arm cortex-m3 STM32 board from Mikroelectronika which have the TFT colour display of 320x240. The display have LCD controller of SSD2119 and LCD module(MI0283QT2). my goal is to write the routine code of interfacing of TFT display with arm. but i really don't know the how to intialize the TFT (...)
MICETEK, originated from MICROTEK, has been dedicated in designing and producing the embedded system development tools since 1998. We mainly provide the developers with In-circuit Emulator, development board and IDE for PowerPC/arm. We supply developer USB TAP In-circuit Emulator for PowerPC, JediView for PowerPC Integrated Development Environment
Hi all, I have a development board Blueboard lpc2148 from NGX technologies. I can program the board using flash magic in windows, but what to do if I want to program it in Linux Ubuntu? Regards, Shreyas.
Hello! I use arm processors, and the first board I bought was a TI board with a stellaris MCU. About 70$. The advantage is that you don't need an emulator, the emulator is on board, so you just have to plug the board with a USB cable and you're on! Probably other makers also have boards (...)
well, or you need to learn some advanced C or ASM programming, or use a pre-designed arm board (don't necesarly to use an actual arm board but copy it's basic design, especially for IO devices and ports) i have seen a little of wince in a mini2440
You can purchase (costs less than uC itself :lol:) with a lot of onboard hardware and STLink.
Can anybody recommend a development board that has a SIM908 GPRS+GPS and a arm MCU on the same board? I had been looking but couldn't find anything.
Hi, We are Embedded Designers and manufacturers of Development boards for PIC,AVR,arm,8051,PSOC family of microcontrollers. We also have programmers for the same. We also design and manufacture OEM products like
We are looking for someone who can program our new FPGA board with USB3.0. Required skills are: C/C++ and VHDL Good understanding of Eclipse and Visual C++ IDE and arm GCC Good understanding of Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGAs and Xilinx ISE Good understanding of USB Our board has the following components: 1x USB3.0 Connector 1x CYUSB3014 (...)
I will be grateful if you kindly help me in choosing good basic comiler for arm processor i am using STM32F103RBT6 arm 32 bit CORTEX M3? development board
I am using this board any info required pl letme know Thank you
can the arm microcontroller be interfaced with a medium sized lcd? Yes. Examples: TS-TPC-8900 10" LCD Touch Panel Computer TS-TPC-8390 7" LCD Touc
Hi, I have been developing systems using 8 bit PIC micro-controllers. I use a C compiler to develop programs for this. Now I would like to start on arm based devices. Could anyone suggest a low cost development/evaluation board that has a generous mix of devices like LEDs, push buttons, a LCD screen etc. Please also recommend a suitable C com