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Hi all, Iam working on arm,for porting linux on to the board i need cross compiler as my OS is UBUNTU ULTIMATE 2.4 ,I am not able to find the cross compiler for this version.can u tell me how to install cross compiler for arm in UBUNTU ULTIMATE 2.4 OS
Hey everyone, I have been thinking about computer architecture a lot lately, and I was wondering: how might a man develop a simple single-board-computer? I mean, you could get a really simple processor like an arm processor, and then just build it onto a board connect it appropriately t
Hello Friends, I am working as Embedded System Designer with 4 years of experience in C programming(C51, PIC, arm, AVR) up to 32 bit. Now i want to learn embedded Linux programming. my query is ==> from where, I am starting with Embedded Linux? ==> which starter Kit is useful for better experience on Linux? ==> Friendly arm board (...)
Hi, I want to design a arm board with wifi chip. I want to know what are the design consideration needs to be aware of for this. What are wifi chips available with minimum support from arm processor. In arm cortex processor, TCP/IP stack and RTOS, application will be running in arm. what are other (...)
Mikroelektronika has announced the release of arm compiler for december. I assume that the development boards come out at the same time.
It is a minimum set for tests during learning how to program e.g. microcontrollers LPC1111/2/3/4. board The board with LPC1114 microprocessor, quartz plus capacitors for the quartz and power supply. 2
I wish to write/read file to an sd card (already interfaced in my microcontroller board by MCI interface) serially coming through UART port of my microcontroller. I have the code for doing it through USB ie the file gets saved into the card coming from the USB port of the PC. Is there a stack available for this particularly for arm microcontrollers
Hi, Can anyone suggest a good arm based board that is similar to Beagleboard or beaglebone. The plan is that I would like to use these boards as stand-alone controllers for my projects (home automation, industrial control systems etc.). I would like to use a standard OS like Linux or Windows for running these (...)
I am using BTM411 bluetooth module and have connected it to the PC and am able to perform file transfer by sending AT commands through the hyper terminal window. Now I want to do the same through LPC2378 arm microcontroller board (MCB 2300- Keil Software) instead of PC i.e. I want to send AT commands through microcontroller then establish a Bluetoo
Hello, I am downloading the program on LPC1768 target board using CoiNel arm-USB-JTAG through Keil micro-vision 4.03. After programming, target board going to reset mode. The programmed code will work only after unplug the USB cable which is connected to the CoiNel arm-USB-JTAG. Is there any setting have to do on (...)
This link maybe: 400 MHz arm-9 CPU board | DEDITEC and Mityarm-1808F arm9 with User Programmable FPGA board : Critical Link :
I am searching a board based on AT91SAM9G45 processor. 1. It must be all industry designed. Working temperature is -40-70 Celsius, not 0-70 Celsius. 2.Have 16 GPIOs, 5 USARTs, RS485, CAN, 2 methods of power which is +12V, ADC and other interface. 3.Supports 10.4"LCD, 4.3"LCD and 7" LCD. 4.Power consumption is below 2W when is without LC
Which board do you have?
Environment: arm Cortex processor STM32F103ZET6, on eval board Open103Z, Keil IDE, Windows 7. in file stm32f10x.h there are a set of options defines that begin with: #if !defined (STM32F10X_LD) && ... /* #define STM32F10X_MD_VL */ /*!< STM32F10X_MD_VL: STM32 Medium density Value Line devices */ #define STM32
arm LPC2148 Microcontroller USB Development board Specification Microcontroller Kits Projects Development board Price : 49.99 USD. Shipping cost : 15 USD.( USA ) 13 USD.(Europe ) Payment : Paypal Contact : a
Development boards - arm is it helpful ?
i am a computer geek looking for an adventure in the micro controller world as a "serious" hobbyist.i have a lot of projects in mind ranging from very simple ones up to relatively complex ones involving data processing and SSL/TLS protocol implementation and simple database use also other stuff like a robots and helicopter maybe. my vision is to be
hello I'm new member of this group. nice to write you. I need your help can you give me c coding of LCD display of EMPOS tiny arm Processor
Beagleboard Pandaboard - Pandaboard
At last, I finally figured out all the questions about SBC6000,and of course I have earned more information from the board, It has been on year to learn this board and arm techology. Maybe I am not good at arm, but the questions on SBC6000 is no problem. So, if you need help on it, just ask me!:-D