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This is a simple breakout board based on TI's CC1310. It's a single chip cost-effective and ultra-low power solution of sub-1GHz and intended for IoT applications such as buildings automations and robust data broadcasting. Incorporating a powerfull arm Cortex-M3 up to 48MHz, a complete RF system, an on-chip DC to DC converted and a few periphera
Don't know much but if you are targeting quad-core take a look here, Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Product Advantages: I think the quad application processor in the above is arm? Cortex™-A53 hard macro. But then you have mentioned Purpose is proof of concept
We could use Z-turn board as an example. FPGA program of ZYNQ is conserved on RAM, you should redownload it when you electrify the board each time. We could utilize platform cable USB DLC9 to download it, vivado version is 2014.4. JTAG interface of Z-turn board could be used to download and debug program of arm and FPGA, (...)
I am looking for an arm single board computer for my IoT gateway project, who can recommend me one which could meet my requirements as below? Low power dual Ethernet WIFI bluetooth OS Linux low price lifetime above ten years I had a look at an item from Forlinx Embedded Tech. Co., Ltd and its name is i.MX6UL, its details are as below i.M
I am looking for an arm single board computer for my IoT gateway project, who can recommend me one which could meet my requirements as below? Low power dual Ethernet WIFI bluetooth OS Linux low price lifetime above ten years I had a look at an item from Forlinx Embedded Tech. Co., Ltd and its name is i.
The Rico board is an excellent high-performance Single board Computer (SBC) using the newest TI?s AM437x Sitara arm Cortex-A9 based solution. This new generation solution has an increase in performance, as well as extensive reuse from the arm Cortex-A8 offerings. It features up to 1GHz of processing power, 3D graphics (...)
The MYD-AM335X-J development board is a complete evaluation platform for TI AM335x (AM3352, AM3354, AM3356, AM3357,AM3358 and AM3359) arm Cortex-A8 Sitara Microprocessors (MPUs). It is designed based on the MCC-AM335X-J CPU module which integrates the core components on board including the AM335x processor, 256MB DDR3, 256MB Nand Flash, (...)
I'm about to be assigned to develop an embedded system running over Linux that will necessarily deal with the uC built-in GPU to perform some real time 3D trigonometric calculations - more exactly, to make fast conversion between cartesian to polar coordinates without consuming CPU processing resources for that, due this board will also be tasked w
Do you have any board recommended to learn it? I am a novice, before a friend recommended me to use friendlyarm development board, would like to see if there are other board suitable for learning it? :-D
Embedded linux has many advantages. u can say portable pc which can do much more stuff. I will recommend you to use embedded linux board first. Like raspberry pi, beaglebone and many more nowadays. If u start working with this u will understand how they have installed linux on it. Which other peripheral required.
Hi, I'm currently working on a FRDM-KEAZ128 board. The plan is to then use this mcu on a custom PCB and program it. I looked for some programmers and there seems to be only two (Cyclone MAX and Flasher arm). Both are extremely expensive. Then I found this debugger but I don't know if I can program with it:
Hi, I am using kintex kc705 FPGA board and VIVADO for following project: and it uses microblaze processor for software part. There is another project which is built over above project by adding additional compression(JPEG 2000) feature to it.
i uses cmsis for keil for can see image this is configured for STM32F4 Discovery. my question is how i can change it for new board that there is not in menu cmsis??? my new board is simple a mcu stm407 with some leds,but the pin of led is not
Hello Friends, Could any one kindly suggest a bare minimum arm board with the following features arm cortex multi-core (can be A, R or M series), but has to be multi-core, dual, quad or octa core, anything is ok. Must have on-board standard 20 pin jtag connector, board should be able to communicate (...)
Hi! I hope you have use the common microcontroller before? Then download the manual /datasheet of the chip (cortex 9) on board. Don't forget, this is a advance chip to solve complex problem than ordinary risc microcontroller. Meanwhile, start with led flashing, LCD control, to reading of input switches. I hope these help in your exploration.
Hello. We Develop Embedded Solutions, Normally in PIC controllers, I have Worked on 8bit & 16Bit Controllers. But Now we want to use arm Controllers. I don't know much about arm. But Peripheral wise we have selected a controller (LPC18xx arm Cortex-M3) I think Peripheral wise its a rich Controller. I want to know something. 1) What if (...)
I will recommend to buy any stm32 discovery board and try doing coding from peripheral examples. There will be example bundles which covers all the peripherals like ADC, DAC, RTC, POWER, DMA, WDT, LPTM and a lot... Also recently ST developed a very interactive automatic initialization code generation tool called stm32CubeMX which is very useful a
Hello,All I am totally new to the arm cortex processors,and started setting up the environment for STM32F407VG discovery board. The compiler i am using is CoIDE with gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_7-2012q4-20121208-win32 when building the program in the IDE an error showed up. collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status Is it somethi
Hi, to be honest in my opinion arduino is not a good idea. It actually separates you from real hardware. The best way in my opinion is to buy a development board (5-40quid), start a bare metal programming. When you become familiar with timers, interrupts etc etc - you can of course join the arduino community. Internet is the best source of kno
Hello, I'm using the GNU arm plugin for Eclipse with Open OCD as a debugger. This is on Windows 10 x64. The problem I'm facing is the following error when trying to debug or run the sample program: Error in final launch sequence Failed to execute MI command: load C:\\Development\\stm32-test\\Debug\\stm32-test.elf Err