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would you plz attach ur circuit ? so we can help fixing your board search for my post "need help starting with 16f877" & see how bad a board i use with wires & its ok
hello Guys i had some problems with trying pic 16f877 for first time but now its ok with help of you i've built a new board to test my project but now it works good only when i touch the negative line by hand. do i have to connect the unused pins to GND or Else ? any idea guys thx for ur help
High Guys. Iam trying to design a GSM based system using the Olimex pic-P40 (16f877 ) development board with 20Mhz oscillator. for schematic I have connected it to wavecom fastrack modem but i don'
Hi, As Rajudp just said the PK2 will program virtually all pic chips so no problem there. If you do make up your own lead from the Pk2 to a new dev board just keep the cable length under 200mm to avoid signal loss problems. Obviously the demo board is redundant. Why..?? - just unplug the 690 chip, its got the prototyping
we run a MicroCode studio with picBasic Pro version 2.6. I have a problem with I2CWRITE command. Unlike I didn't found over the Internet nothing about it. The problem description: we use LAB-X1 development board with pic 16f877 MCU. To Ports C3 and C4 is connected an LCD 128x64 via I2C Interface BV4512 from (...)
HI Friends.. I have a Demo board of pic microcontroller of pic 16f877 in this On the PORT B .. LCD and SIX 7 Seg display DIGITs and 4x4 keypad is connected.. ( RB0-RB7 -- LCD , LCD_EN =AN2, and 4x4keypad and 7 seg(A-H)) I can use either LCD or 7 SEG display...(Common anode) These 7 Seg Display is powered (...)
I want to desing an pic microcontroller board (to help me to load code from pc to the microcontroller). Is anyone who has resources for how to desing this board??????
Yes, it is possible. I have connected a pic 12F675 (which has an A/D converter) to a pic 16F628 (that does not have an A/D converter, but it can control a LCD) in another board, via serial communication (USART hardware implemented in the 628 and software implemented in the 675). Some pics have parallel ports (e.g. (...)
please find the attached file it is the schematic of easy pic development board :D
Can anybody tell me the price of JTAG board; and gave me useful material of JTAG of pic16f877. THANX in advance
hi whats the best compiler for pic16f877a?? Search the board, you will get your answer. But I think any compiler is good depending on the kind of application. You can use CCS C, it is user friendly, but don't expect that it is the best.
16f877 Proto board in Proteus
Hi guys... I'm thinking to order a developement board(pic 16f877) from you have any suggestions about this company,I mean can I trust them? Regards,
Hi ! Any board using the pic 16f877 in dip package can be used with the 18F452, because they are pin compatible. A good board project was shown in the january issue of Elektor Magazine:
I think i lnow what your looking for but i can't find it right,but most other boards made for the 16f877 should work for you the mean time i'll keep looking for the other one barney
if you want stepper motor board pcb ican sent
Hello SphinX I have on experimented board with the next connections LCD/\/pic 16f877 DB7--> RB7 DB6--> RB6 DB5--> RB5 DB4--> RB4 E--> RB2 RS--> RB3 RW--> GROUND How to modify the driver "lcd.c"
hi nooknikz what's the value of R in 16f877 board/MCLR circuit (low voltage hardware.pdf / p.1) ? can't read it on the pdf :evil: this is certainly a critical value, as the Vpp generator has 1K on TL497 output thx
Sorry I forgot to tell you I'm looking for a C compiler, I'm working on a prototyping board for lerning pic MCU. I what a free C compiler for student and non professionnal thanks for your help.
the board must program a 16f84a/16f876/16f877 through a isp connector