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various antenna parameters get affected whenever the antenna is operated near the body. what are some possible methods and technique to maintain or improve the performance of the antenna when operated near body. one thing which i am already considering is the separation between antenna and body(> 2d2/lambda). can you refer any paper or book (...)
HI, In CAN rtl we have blocks like can_fifo.v can_bsp.v can_registers.v . . . what are they? can any body explain me the architecture of CAN. and block level diagram for CAN to write a verilog code? how to start a verilog code for CAN?
Hi, I am working on a low power transceiver for Wireless body area network protocol. How do I get the phase noise specs of my PLL from the protocol specs. The protocol specifies the transmitter specs like EIRP, transmit mask etc. and receiver specs like sensitivity , ACPR etc.
Hi, I am going to design a low power biomedical transceiver for wireless body area network. Most of the papers in this field use 130nm technology. But I have no idea how technology impacts low power radio performance. Can anyone help /cite references to choose the proper technology? I understand that low power radio needs high Q (...)
Which research areas are still considered open On Physical Layer of Wireless body area network,
you can do a research on BAN ( body area network) latest in medical field... its wireless or vehicle area network...
Dear All, Please some body explain what are Error Active station and Error passive station in the Controller area network. Regards V. Naresh Kumar
I have to start my final year project on BAN (simulation only) , its power minimization and fault tolerant design..kindly suggest some sites, research papers, software on which these can be simulated... THANKS in advance... Regards Sachin
I am proposing my PhD thesis in Optical network. is there any body to help me to find out any new and valuable subject to work on it as PhD thesis and dissertation? Thanks

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