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Can Some body suggest Some Reference on how to model Bond wire inductor as circuit element and use to simulate your circuit in Spectre RF simulator ??
Hi, specifications need values.. The problem is not "touching" a pin, but there may be an ESD voltage with a specific capacitance and a series resistor. There are several models like "human body model" that fits best your needs with "touching". Charged device models and different machine models... So you (...)
I am planning for a nonlinear model of BJT ( BFY-405), can any body send me s-parameter file of this transistor in the following regions: 1. Linear region. 2. Pinch off region. 3. Saturation region. Waiting for a rply. Thanks.
Hi... How do i reduce the threshold voltage(Vth) of a single NMOS transistor in a circuit?the model file specifies 0.37v(TSMC 90nm node) but for my circuit i need the Vth to be around 0.2v,applying body bias increases the threshold voltage,how to reduce the Vth?? Thank you in advance
Guys, I just finished the schematic diagram for a test circuit for inverter. Its name is inverter_tb. Yet, when I tried to do the simulation, it does not give me waveforms excluding ERRORS!!!! Below is the statement: "ERROR (SFE-23): raw/inverter_tb 41: m1 is an instance of an undefined model nch Any body could figure this out? (...)
Hi Friends, I want to simulate my circuit in Orcad PSPICE. I did not find the library for the component(STE53NC50 Mosfet) i am using. Can any body help me how to create the PSPICE model for this part or can some body share me the library if already used. Thanks and Regards, Viswanath
Slotline Hello every body, is there someone knows how can we characterize a slotline ? Is there an example in ADS ? i have a rectangle slot in the ground (Bottom) and microstip line in the top, how can i make the model ? Thank you in advance, for information, i have a book of Gupta on Microstrip Lines and S
can any body give me service manual or circuit diagram for process calibrator make :DRUCK model : DPI 720 pl. help
Hi to all, can someone helps me to fine out the impedance model or the impedance equivalant circuit and the electrical characteristiques of a human body skin? Thanks in advance, alino
hi every body i am working in a project which uses a tachometer to determine the speed of the engine but i need to make simulation for the tachometer in Proteus but i can`t find it`s model can any body help me? or what about a library for the tachometer or an equivalent circuit for it in Proteus?:idea:
Hi every body I am simulating a microstrip splitter in ansoft designer. When I simulate it in planar-EM and I reduce the length of branches...the the resonance frequency of structure goes more higher but when I import this Planae-EM model to circuit and then add microstrip lines to branches for tuning by increasing the branch lines It (...)
I want apply moment matching technique to reduce the order of the RLC circuit. Any body having the example which shows the steps to calculate the reduced oder model and then comparing with the original model.
Hi all, some body could provide it? on matlab official website: PLL model transfers sin wave not pulse. I want to find a pll model which could input pulse signal in the PFD. thanks.
Along with what's already been said your P-channel Mosfet is in backwards. The drain of a P-channel Fet should be more negative then the source,the body diode will
Hello Does any body know if it possible to do transfer function to get a thevenin circuit using spice. I want to get thevenin impedance in my AC circuit.But i read that it is only used to bias piont. Can you help me ;)
I need circuit diagram of flame detector of make PEAbody or HAMWORTHY model 174/175 If any body having any information pl send it to me thanks.
LG Wide Screen 76cm model RJ-32FZ10PX Chassis MC-017A I'm hoping some body could help me or guide me as to what the problem may be with my LG TV. Lately it has been deciding to shut down on it's own, with the picture going black and the sound continuing for further 10 secs and then finally the tv shuts down to standby mode. I am not abl
Hi! An ESD circuit must withstand 2kV of ESD using the human body model and 500V using the charged device model without damage. I wonder How can I simulate the ESD circuit to see if it works? Can Hspice simulation work? Thanks
I think that MBIST is all your need. No body test all faults, just wish to test the optimum.