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You can, provided that you aren't especially fussy about the value or linearity. Linearity requires that Vds be kept low (so you might want many segments, such that Vds< Vgs) and body effect will then come into play, impacting segment-linearity. But you see this kind of thing done a lot especially in a cmos op amp compensation network, the (...)
in the cmos there are intrinsic bipolar bjts. if you check the diagram of the cmos with n well you can see that the source and drain of the pmos is p+ and the well is n. and the substrate/body is ptype. so it can work as a pnp transistor. similarly there are other intrinsic bjt's. these are called parasitic transistors as they usually badly (...)
Hi everyone! I am reading a paper about a cmos LNA design. But I am not sure where the parameters' values of a cmos technology are from??? The process used in the paper is SMIC 0.18um RF cmos processes. The values cited are: (1) Gate oxide capacitance per unit area, Cox=9mF/(m^2); (2) body effect (...)
Hi can anyone tell me what is body effect in cmos? and what is meant by process in PVT conditions.. thanks in advance Check the below link for a brief description of process, voltage and temperature variations, ASIC-S
Hello all, In razavi's design of analog cmos integrated circuit, chapter 3, it states/shows that body effect decrease the output resistance. But I find it puzzling. I bias the NMOS source with a certain voltage, eg 0.3V. Setup 1: Base and Source are connected together to 0.3V bias. (No body effect) (...)
what is body effect in cmos?and how it will come and how it will reduced?
The rectifier block uses a cascaded Dickson voltage multiplier circuit with multiple cascaded sections in order to convert the extremely low input voltage up to a potential suffi cient for operating cmos circuits. The bulk terminals of the PMOS transistors were tied to the gate and drain terminals (back-bias) to reduce the effective threshold vol
body effect is due to voltage difference between source and body terminal so it will be present in both MOS,,,.....
Does the body effect limit the number of transistors that can be placed in series in a cmos gate at low frequencies. Please explain
hi guys, i am highly confuse that why do ground body pin of R, C & L in cmos device, but i know the reasion for actice device. but 4 passive i dont know the reasion. thanks In order to model the parasitic effect of these passive devices we need 3 terminals.... Now, the question is where do we want to connect
One of the biggest. You could simulate your regular working analog cmos circuit is you modify each bulk. For PMOS and for NMOS make an additional series RC network. That mimic the floating body. But negleate the intercoupling. So you now that about 20-30% of the gate charge is put into substrate. Now also the sereis RC network react by controlli

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