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Occasionally you will see NWell actively driven (for example, in stacked / cascode circuits where a Vdd- tied well would produce too much body-effect increase in local effective VT). Often tied to the source in this case. The excess capacitance, leakage, noise may be issues depending on the circuit & layout; tradeoffs against the VT (...)
While going through Razavi's Book i see that for a Diode connected NMOS the impedance seen from source decreases when considering the body effect. I understand the mathematical analysis but i am little confused understanding it intuitively. * small signal body effect current is modeled as Gmb*Vbs. Vbs = Vb - Vs (Vb is (...)
Hi, there is no dedicated "catch" diode. I think you mean the body diode. The diodes are a side effect when producing MOSFETs. But they are slow (high reverse recovery time). So for fast switching with low dead time I recommend to use external diodes. For slow switching there is no need for external diodes. For a more detailed answer we need m
P substrate is a common node (distributed resistance mesh) across the circuit and every switching transition kicks it with displacement currents (Cdb*dV/dt). These currents may not entirely return via the ohmic ties. They may at least modulate nearby channels (body effect) and enter circuit response. A deep NWell gives an additional layer of junct
If the bulk potential is different then you can't expect any sort of matching. See "body effect".
Hello All, what is the difference between these two conditions: 1. the bulk and source of a nmos is connected together and both are grounded (assume a current sink nmos) 2. the bulk and source of a nmos is connected together and both are at some positive potential(assume a cascode nmos ). i wanted to know that will the threshold voltage b
Hello, For nmos, usually guard ring is connected to a separate and quiet GND. But in this case, the source and bulk are not at the same potential. So there will be body effect that has influence on vth. So the guard ring reduces substrate noise, but increases body effect, am I right? For analog design(like a PLL), if (...)
Dear all ; I am working on the attached paper which discuss "The effect of a Selective Receiver on CDMA" I need to write a report for this paper and I don't know how to start If any body can help me , i will appreciate that alot Please for urgent if needed this is my email : thanks in advanced
Hello, Put simply: - body effect extends the depletion region around the source. - DIBL effect extends the depletion region around the drain. !!! BUT !!! - body effect increase Vth whilst DIBL reduces it. How does this happen since both DIBL and body effects (...)
HI FRIENDS. may i know some clarification 1.what is body effect and channel length channel lenth modulation how L'=L-ΔL is written as 1/L'≈(1+ΔL/L)L.
Hai, when compared to nmos,pmos body effect is low(or)negligeble why?
In the layout,the source and the drain are indentical,why we don't consider the body effect caused by Vdb>0?
Not sure how you could measure the resistor in that situation. As it is in series you could only effectively measure between the cap and centre electrode and not the body of the plug. In effect you would be measuring just leakage from moisture/carbon deposits etc. A relatively low value resistor in series with that would not give any useful (...)
hey guys, what are some advantages and disadvantages of drain extended mosfet over standard low voltage mosfets? assuming I am using these for a common drain amplifier for both high and low voltages? does drain extended mosfet have body effect? thanks!
You can, provided that you aren't especially fussy about the value or linearity. Linearity requires that Vds be kept low (so you might want many segments, such that Vds< Vgs) and body effect will then come into play, impacting segment-linearity. But you see this kind of thing done a lot especially in a CMOS op amp compensation network, the zero r
would any body tell me how to change individual device temperature in HSPICE or LTSPICE? Please... Thanks in advance.
Hi all, as we all know, the impedance of every trace i microstrip environment is dependent on the separation to the ground plane all the way under the trace. My question is : How does hyperlynx include the effect of ground plane empty regions under a trace? Also does any body have an idea how to simulate the effect of coplanar ground (...)
Hi dears I have a sram whose body of some transistors are connected to a specific node of circuit (not vdd or GND). now, in layout, how to draw these transistors? i.e where do their bulks connect in L-Edit? Many thanks always for ur helps
in the cmos there are intrinsic bipolar bjts. if you check the diagram of the cmos with n well you can see that the source and drain of the pmos is p+ and the well is n. and the substrate/body is ptype. so it can work as a pnp transistor. similarly there are other intrinsic bjt's. these are called parasitic transistors as they usually badly affect
Can any body guide me the difference between average probability of bit error for FSK system and for PSK system ??? Why one (FSK) follows Rician probability function and other follows Gaussian density function, concept wise can any body explain this, Plz do guide me. More over what is the minimum input level that the fooster seeley discrimina

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