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If you're talking about the power bussing for the logic core, it goes something like 1) What is the lower voltage bound of timing-model validity 2) What is your minimum supply? 3) If you're not already screwed, this is Vdrop(max) across the sum of leadframe, bondwire and on-chip distribution bussing. Leadframe and bondwire (or bump, or (...)
In Passive-RF Circuit palette, there are some bondwire models.Use them which is suitable.
My package contains 3D bondwire structure and 2D microstrip structure. How can I get the model of 3D bondwire structure ? by what tool ?
There's a bondwire model in ADS.
Hi, Could anyone recommend some papers/books on how to model a bondwire inductor used in LC-VCO? And are there good softwares on model it? Thank!
I'm building a bondwire in HFSS and trying to model behavior at a certain frequency. I have the bondwire, a ground plane and a "die" plane, and two lumped ports at both ends of the bondwire. One of the ports seems to be functioning ok - when i do the "plot field" animation, there is clearly something going on. However, the (...)
If the two bondwires are in parallel the total inductance is half of one bondwire. If they are not in parallel, but mutual coupled, the exact inductance should be simulated using an EM simulator or a bondwire model. In general a coupled bondwire it will increase slightly the inductance of the main (...)
I am a freshman in some questions here. Why bondwire is suitable to connect transmission line with MMIC Chips? what is the effect of connection,and common circuit model of it? Any good refences? Thanks Liu
How to modeling the bondwire and the wire on the PCB when i design a lvds driver. Should i use a ibis model?
Indeed this is a hard thing to do, you only have S11,S21,S21 and S22 measurements although at different freqs, and many parameters to tweak ... To find approximations for the extrinsic components I would refer to the package parasitics. The length of the bondwire etc depends on the physical structure of the package and can be approximated. That'
Dear all, I design a LNA. Firstly, I don't added any bondwire effect (1nH in series with 1ohm to pretend a bondwire) on each pad for the simulation. Afterwards, I added the bondwire model at each pad and do the simulation again. I found the NF is 3dB higher compared to the LNA without bondwire (...)
A packaged chip need receive a high frequency(1.1GHz),sine wave,low swing(peak to peak=0.3v) signal from external. How to consider the IO pad's equivalent model including bondwire(Au wire between analog pad and pin) and analog pad in chip? My design is based on TSMC0.25 mixed signal process, what are the parameters of this IO pad's equivalent (...)
How can we extract the package (bondwire) model after testing the chip? If not, how to modify the LNA VCO design for the next tape-out?
Because of the large current of power amplifier,I want to run the simulation with package & bondwire parasitic parameter. But I wonder how to model the parasitics?Could anyone offer some exampls? Thanks!