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That’s an active antenna circuit used for receiving purposes in instances where a normal antenna would be impossible to accommodate in a physical sense. Such an antenna is sometimes called an antenna booster. For that purpose we are using a field effect transistor as the amplifying device. The JFET transistor configuration will be a source
Hi. I'm looking for a schematic of a voltage booster that can have input range of 1-2v and output of around 3.7v. I'm not getting ICs such as max756, LM2623 etc., in Chennai. Share me your ckt of this kind.
hi every one i m trying to design a digital clock. One Master-Clock that will send a serial data at 9600 baud-rate, and slave clocks will receive the data and will display it, for Master-Clock, I used AT89C51 and for Slave-Clock AT89C2051. The most near Slave-Clock is approximately 12-15 feet, but the last one is approximately 300 feet far.
Your great problem is the charge of the circuit? what is it?? 1 Ohm?? 10 thousand Ohm? depending on this, your desired current may vary greatly. One great booster is the DC-DC chopper booster using a Bridge of MOSFETs alternating them with PWMs, and then using a transformer for amplification, and finally using a rectifier for your desired (...)
welcome to EDAboard. such a circuit needs higher volateg than 35V AC. please check some emergency lamps ike SUNKA make , a chinse brand , i suppose. the high voltage AC used there measures 150 to 200V ?at 50KHz , may be. thus you need to create a 50KHz oscillator and have a booster circuit with a ferrite cored transformer. then (...)
hi guys...... i need a circuit which can boost the voltage from millivolt to +5v.... any ideas or schematics.......... ??? plz help........... i tried voltage doubler and trippler circuit but it doesnt work for me.... :(
Hi Use a switch capacitor booster circuit (IC) see national or linear tech site for IC All the best Bobi
Hi friends, I have a relatively high impedance energy source of about 10~12V,4mA which amounts to about 40mW. Can anyone suggest me a high efficiency power supply circuit ( preferably greater than 80%) which can boost the output current to 10mA at the expense of the output voltage reducing to a minimum of 3V preferably regulated. Input power = 7
Dear All, How to design & debug a booster circuit. I used a TPS60140 IC but i was unable to get output. How to debug it.
It depends what the circuit is. Example ATV-Projects LNB Voltage booster does not use PWM. In that example it simply chops the DC supply so it can be used as though it was AC before a standard voltage doubling rectifier. Brian.
Hello All, I am planning to do a self summer project. I plan to build a cell phone booster operating at 850/1900 MHz. Now I have knowledge of analog circuit design and have started self learning rf and microwave design. I also have access to Agilent ADS and matlab in my school lab. Now simulation tool wise I think I the above should be good. But
Hi, i think what you have here is one ic regulator with one transistor current booster circuit. However, the value of your ic is not given. I suggest you deside on what is should be, like say, LM317 and use 'Isis Proteus' to simulate your scematics. Cheers.
please i need a circuit than can booster 22ov, 10A, 3W ac signal to about 2kw well you already have it 220VAC x 10A = 2200W (2.2kW) cheers Dave
please i need a circuit diagram that can amplify 220v ac 3W to about 1kW
I am looking for a voltage booster circuit that will give me a constant Vout of +12V and -12V when Vin ranges from 10.8v to 13.8v. I thought I found what i wanted from farnell. The technical specs of this module can be found in the PDF of the URL. What I got is a dual model. But ... w
you can use bulk structure for voltage down and booster for voltage up
Hi everebody! First of all i need to apologize on my english, it's not very good and if i make some mistakes i hope you will understand it I'm interested on some ideas about this project. (all solutions and diferences among them) I have allready started this and i have some problems. The basic idea is to create audio amplifier which amplifies
No! in simulation, the circuit maybe operate. But you must use CMFB for fully differential amplifier. Or you can use it without CMFB in case of single ended gain booster.
Motorola hv made 484095-001-00 Signal booster. I want to study it's circuit diagram/schematics. Hence i need it.
A darlinton transistor would have alot of current on the output How can i make a tube have alot of current on the output instead of alot of voltage? Mostly tubes preamps boost the voltage from input to output A transisstor boosts the current from input and out But how can i make a tube circuit preamp boost alot of current without rai