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I will design the following two circuits. One is booster converter(?) with inductor(off chip). the other one is 2X charge pump with fly cap. Can you please suggest any practical reference to start with? For example, how to analyze its efficiency and its output equivalent load... I read Fundamentals of Power Electronics. But it is just too much
Does anybody know how to do ac analysis for switch cap circuit? Thanks. For example, the simplest switched circuit used to simulate R. How to use spectre's ac analysis to do some checking? In my circuit, one switched cap circuit is used in the gain booster amplifier for the main OTA. I want to use (...)
FM booster Works Exceptionally well with a static filter inline with it I saw this description on the website refering to fm antenna booster customer does it mean by static filter inline? How it works & what is the circuit?
i want to design booster antenna for 900 Mhz - 1200 Mhz. who have the circuit, schematic and pcb design??
Normally all tv reception devices hv 75 ohm impedance. This is also applicable to tv input. Then u can easily find some tv antenna booster circuit for UHF.
Hi, Does anyone have a reference to a clock booster circuit and explanation? (usually, used for SC circuits or S&H circuits) Regards,
skjian, This booster circuit uses the similar principle as a voltage multiplier by means of 3 diodes. There is a big problem here. 1N4148 is a signal diode. Using them as power diodes will "fry"them. This had to be stupid person who designed this. Perhaps he/she never had tested it before. He/she probably worked the 10V or higher, based on si
Thanks 4 ur help. I found one FM booster on the same website. But the luanguage is unknown. I just want the details of coils. Rest i can understand. Regarding the VHF circuit, it must be good. But how it can go 500Mhz when the device BF197 ft is just 550 Mhz. Is it better to use something like 2SC 2570A ft. 5000Mhz. instead of BF197. Kindly com
a 400 ohms relay can not be driven by water resistance.waterresistance is above several kilo ohms. so you need to make a circuit like current booster, level sensor or buy a ready-made a controller called "sivi seviye rolesi"....
I need a small circuit to boost variable input voltage of 0.3 - 2.3 v to a constant voltage of 3.6v .could someone please help?
Such a circuit doesn't exist =) All voltage boosters will cause at least some fluctuations under load, even the most highly regulated ones. You're never going to get as much current draw out of the boosted circuit as you would out of the native voltage source without voltage drop. Basically the more highly regulated you need a boosted (...)
Again, as in Current booster1, the vale of the resistor is wrong .. it should be somewhere between 3-10Ω .. In this case current is limited by additional transistor, the 2N6049. It happens when the voltage accross Rsc riches ≈0.65V and this tranistor starts to control Vbe of the power PNP transistor .. Iout≈0.65/Rsc The function
hi all can any one name me circuit for tv signal booster with uhf and vhf gain good control regadrs
Other Question: How can I connect a relay booster? From the (block 1) LED to relay. Where does the input connected and the ground. Is it to the ( input -connect --> anode of LED ) and (ground --connect--> cathode of LED)
VVV: The regulator is working fine, without the current booster. The problem is, when I connect the current booster the BUT56A became short-circuited between Collector to emitter. Why you say that the BUT56A is not for this kind of application. I need to replace the tip30c for another transistor that can support more than 100V VCEO, (...)
This is 12V relay booster can I still used it on 5V relay. Is there a components need to be changed here? THANK YOU
Jetset The Tip30c and Tip152 form a current booster, in order to permit that the regulator can deliver more than 0.700mA. thanks
Dear All, Recently, I am studying a voltage booster circuit. Some info regarding my circuit. There were a 3 stage boosting for 1.8v application. The desired output is around 5v. In each of the stage, I parrallel 3 capacitors with different values. And there some logic to let the voltage pass from 1 stage to another. The theory (...)
Dear ALL, This is the first time I due with this circuit. So, I wish wish to have some basic rule of thumb of design a voltage booster. Some info regarding my circuit. There were a 3 stage boosting for 1.8v application. The desired output is around 5v. In each of the stage, I parrallel 3 capacitors with different values. And there some (...)
hey everybody i've question about gain booster circuit in folded cascode opamp there are 2 booster (N input pair, P input pair) N booster is upper, and P booster is lower part. I applied these two booster and there are about 50db improvement, but i applied only one N input pair (...)