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from my experience,you should simulate your booster seperately. found the UGB of the booster. then if you simulate your gain-boosted opamp in the open loop.then you must confirm that the GB(main opamp)booster)
the booster must be faster than the main amp. (i.e. it's fu should be larger than fu of main amp) cause u don't want it add an another pole in ur main amp.
This is not a booster, but just a set of decoupling caps. The internal LCD controlling voltages are probably made with a resistor divider network on-chip, and for peak currents this may not be stable enough. A capacitor on-chip takes too much precious space. That's why they want you to put a storage capacitor externally: to supply brief pulses of
I think he is looking for a transmitter not a receiver. I doubt would be a repeater. Here is the problem! In what country you are in, or better where this circuit booster will ever be applicable? I do not know for all the countries but for USA/Canada and almost all of countries of Europe and some in Asia & Latin America have rules/regulation
Does anybody know where I can find information about a clock booster circuit and possibly VHDL code for the design? I need to double my clock in the design of a vending machine controller. I have a program that is the "clock divider" but I'm having problems understanding clock multiplication...I need it to slow down the input response of the vendin
Hi, I need a schematics for a uhf tv booster. or any good uhf antenna design Thanks for any help