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I have a 3.8 volt 11 ampere battery. I built a dc booster circuit, which boosts 3.8 volts to 5 volts. I want to charge my android mobile having 2 ampere battery. As i connect my mobile for charging it shows charging for a few seconds then the charging stops. What could be the possible reasons for that. 136963[attach=config
The PMOSFET is wrongly connected in your schematic. You should also consider that the MOSFET booster circuit is adding gain and reducing phase margin so that the amplifier needs additional frequency compensation to achieve stability.
The datasheet for the TDA7294 does not show it with booster transistors. The datasheet of the TDA2030A shows it with them. I found three TDA7294 amplifiers from One was blocked by my anti-virus software as being unsafe (with a virus?), one has the ordinary 100 Whats (70 Watts) circuit and one has the circuit with two TDA7294 ICs (...)
Hi every body, This is a opamp output voltage booster schematic but I can not understand how each part work ,if any one can analysis this circuit please explain it for me in detail. 125212
please can someone help me with a 12vDC to 300vDC booster converter circuit diagram of SG3524:?: please i really need it
I found this circuit doing a google search. Its input is 3.3V and output is 9V would this work.its a single chip all in one circuit booster. I need 3.6V in and 9V out. Can someone on here simulate this circuit to see if the spec apply for what I can find the datasheet.Enclosed
Hi I want to add a booster fan further down the ducts in my house. The heat exchanger ventilator has 3 selectable speeds; I would like to drive the booster off of the same command board. I could probably drive the second motor directly in parallel with the first one by adding a heatsink on the TO220 triac but I am concerned with durability be
Hello I am using Altium designer to simulate a current booster circuit but the program is too slow and even if I make the step bigger still slow the program make the Pc don't respond at all until it finish the simulation any hint or advice is appreciated thanks in advance
By coincidence, one of your class-mates is asking for the exact same homework to be done for you two should work together? Hurry though - his/h
That's plain wierd! You have a current limited input rated at 3A max which wastes a lot of current in R5, a voltage booster using a microprocessor that needs an additional supply from somewhere, a 1 Amp / 4V regulator to power an op-amp that consumes 40uA and a 24V shunt regulator which will fry itself if it gets the chance. Add to that some rathe
Hello sir I want a very proper circuit diagram with commonly available components so as to boost up the bass suitable for of 8 ohms speaker within its limit . . thanks
Another option you may consider is to take an op-amp with a suitable type output stage and add a current booster. This works well for low to medium output power applications. The op-amp must have a fast enough slew rate to accommodate the required voltage swing and needed frequency response.
hi i am a final year student.. i want to make a gsm signal signal booster antenna, for which i have to make an amplifier circuit to amplify the incoming signal,. i also need help in antenna design,, any help will be highly appreciated,,,,
Better define needed voltage and current consumption, this should be guidance. Try to use Li-Po/Li-Ion and if you need use Voltage booster circuit to get 5V. Best regards, Peter
Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum and i have some questions about a dc-dc booster creating for my diploma thesis. 91290 I have the above circuit. Mos-switch is designed in 0.13um. I want to have an output voltage to 1V coming from an input one of 50mV - 80mV. The problem I am facing is that i can achieve having th
The output power of MAX2606 is only 100uW. So is there any FM booster circuit available to work with this...?
To get no voltage errors, you'll want to use a feedback amplifier with the current booster inside the feedback loop. Or a power OP with sufficient output current.
Hi All, I want to ask a question. I am confused about it. I made a low power application circuit that work with thermocouple with rectifier at the beginning then the booster and then the voltage stabilizer IC to make the output constant at 2.7. The 2.7V drive micro-controller. Now at 2.7 Volt I have to check the power of the (...)
Here is my contribution to the forum community. These work in Multisim 11 but I have not yet soldered them up and tried them for real. The +12V to +18V booster circuit is actually a voltage doubler circuit but with an added 18V zenner diode on the output to limit it to 17.9V or there abouts. Change the zenner diode and you can change the (...)
Its a long way between making a simple TV preamp and designing a WiFi booster. Perhaps is easier to buy one: