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I have a 3.8 volt 11 ampere battery. I built a dc booster circuit, which boosts 3.8 volts to 5 volts. I want to charge my android mobile having 2 ampere battery. As i connect my mobile for charging it shows charging for a few seconds then the charging stops. What could be the possible reasons for that. 136963[attach=config
with your current though....i woudl go for paralleled (interleaved) boost converters.........presumably they are current regulated, so there will not be able to hog the current, as you will regulate the current from each booster.
I know it wasn't Buckeroo Odgers, booster Hupp, the Bipolar Sisters, Fred Ward or Khan Vhurter ;). we're prttery sure , weren't any of them. I wish I had nickel for every time that I though I invented a design, only to find out someout else already did it. Like the Emitter Coupled Oscillator with a capacitive load.... Good luck in your rese
The PMOSFET is wrongly connected in your schematic. You should also consider that the MOSFET booster circuit is adding gain and reducing phase margin so that the amplifier needs additional frequency compensation to achieve stability.
Hi I have a situation of low GSM signal indoor and I need to amplify it I have seen some boosters availble but I wanted to know is it possible to amplify gsm signal using active GSM antennas ? I have some active antennas gor GPS and GSM and they have LNA inside my plan is to use these antennas and supply them with dc power supply have you
Hi, I am getting 100v to 200v variable voltage. Output voltage will be 250v to 450V (2kw) depends on the input. Anyone please give me some idea for this booster. Thanks in Advance.
HI all.... I need some help regarding STEP-UP booster IC. i am working on a application where i have to interface SST89E516RD2 and GSM module with Voltage Source from Li-Io batteries voltage range 3v to 4.2V. The battery has a maximum output current of 2.2Amp. My problem is My controller works on 5V for which i am using step up ic TPS61032-5V to
I want to make DC booster circuit (12 volt to 2300 volt approximate ) for defibrillator. i want to know how much size of inductor and capacitor should for DC booster circuit ? ? so is there any formula or calculation to find circuit parameters values ? any standard circuit to make out high voltage booster
IR21362 datasheet has curves for IRG4PC50FD, suggesting that driving this IGBT without additional current booster is at least possible. Although the recommended gat resistor of 5 ohm is used, you can expect that limited IR21362 output current will slow down switching of IRG4PC50FD. Looking at IRG4PC50FD datasheet Fig. 9 switching losses versus g
The datasheet for the TDA7294 does not show it with booster transistors. The datasheet of the TDA2030A shows it with them. I found three TDA7294 amplifiers from One was blocked by my anti-virus software as being unsafe (with a virus?), one has the ordinary 100 Whats (70 Watts) circuit and one has the circuit with two TDA7294 ICs being
Hi All, I made this small and simple but powerful voltage booster for breadboard prototyping and use with microcontroller. I've posted the files and you can make your own. Or buy one from the funded Kickstarter campaign. I have ended up using these all the time since I built them, so I thought you all might like to take a look too: [URL="https:
I am using MLX90614, which is a i2c output. My doubt is that, how long can i transmit the signal without any booster? I dont want to waste time in TRIAL and ERROR. My sensor is 30mts far from my MCU. Can the I2C signal reach the MCU with just the pullup resistor at the SCL and SDA pins.? If no, please suggest me some booster ICs or SMBus ICs for
Hi every body, This is a opamp output voltage booster schematic but I can not understand how each part work ,if any one can analysis this circuit please explain it for me in detail. 125212
does anyone know what certification testing needs to be done for 3G/WiFi booster product in sell it in USA and europe? FCC, IC, PTCRB(if any) and CE test list will be really helpful. thanks.
Hi All, I am having an issue with my current internet provider's (CenturyLink) DSL service, in which multiple times per day I experience a signal dropoff (Connection Timeouts, Service is Not Available, etc...) while either using my laptop, gaming console, or handheld devices. My ISP stated that I would have a great connection speed ~40Mbps (thei
Why not to use a booster transistor over the 7809 regulator to get 5A current capability for all 5 outputs to parallel loads? The only possible advantage of five 7809 regulators is the 1A current limiting for each 9V load. Using the series diode is possible but the voltage drop may affect the regulation of a 7809 as 3V more voltage input is requi
Welcome to Nanyu.Fangda Technology company. We have wireless devices that you may be finding. Indoor: pc wifi dongle, home used router, repeater, hotel or public places wifi devices. Outdoor: outdoor high power access point, high power wireless CPE/ bridge/ repeater. Outdoor Wlan antenna, 3G/4G antenna. Signal booster antenna. Also, OEM/ODM are
yep, big antenna, really high up, no mountains in the way, and a booster amp after the antenna. You MIGHT get some transmission off of sky bounce too, so try pointing antenna up at the sky.
I'll have to wear my psychic booster helmet to answer this one, I'm having difficulty reading the weak photons from your schematic over such a long distance. Brian.
I have a bunch of 24v dc fans I want to power from a marine battery at 12v for an rv. each fan draws 110ma I wired them in parallel, so my load is 440ma (I think) Now If I power this directly from the 12v, the fans run slow, so I bought: 150W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V Step Up Charger Po

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