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Hello , I'm looking for USB boot loader for PIC18f4550, I'm using C18 compiler for programming
Be careful! The dd command is very powerful and can wipe all contents of your drive, if used inappropriately. Before going further, first please tell me what the "bin" file is exactly. Is it an operating system, a harddrive backup, a boot disk or something else. Your current OS is Ubuntu correct? How many drives are in your system? [
You can download that from the company's web site Download free data recovery software and data recovery boot disk from Power Data Recovery. It is probably safer than a 4shared link (and up to date). Keith.
Hi, I tried to install mickroelectronic boot loader given with the software. I think boot loader was successfully cownloaded into the MCU. But when I am using the IDE provided by the micrC to load my .hxe file in to the MCU, It gives the error message "Can not down load. Disconnected" Can some1 help me at his/her earlist (...)
i want handle an industrial pc as a RT target, i am booting my RT target with MAX (Tools-->RT Disk Utilities-->Creat Desktop PC Format Hard Drive Disk) when boot finished,i removed floppy disk and reset my RT target,that booted from Hard Disk Drive then i saw this message: Loading Labview Run (...)
Hi, i m installing linux on my laptop. I have hp dv5 1160us laptop with windows vista installed. When I installed linux rhel 5 the istallation went fine but then i booted linux and it gave blank screen after initial boot message. Note that i have nvidia 9500 GM Graphics in my laptop. Please help me to make linux working with display. (...)
hi guys, i have problem that when my pc is booting this operation stopped and veiw this message.PLEASE someone help my to know what the problem. THANKS.
haey guyz.I downloaded yahoo messenger last night but i couldnt use it well because the window was not displaying the message from either side.I thought its just a normal problem.I then used msn and then shutdown my pc after finish.but yahoo pagewas not closing.then my aunt came and just disconnected the pc so asto shitch off. Today morning i was
when i want to boot my Redhat8 system,he tell me that my linux do not shutdown cleanly, then screen display some message: duplicate/badd block in inode 1434902. then i can not enter it,when i use the command "fsck -a" to repair it,it do not works. How can i do??
Do you get a U-boot prompt? If yes then it might be possible that you defined CFG_SERIAL_CONFIG_QUIET or CFG_CONSOLE_CONFIG_QUIET something similar (I do not recall the exact name and do not have the sources with me right now.) Then it does not print out this information. Otherwise it might be possible that your u-boot environment maps thes
We're trying to upgrage from 2.4.19 to 2.6.13. Everything is work fine except frame buffer driver. We uses S1D13506 on our board. The kernel stop booting when load frame buffer driver. It seems that 2.6.13 for AT91RM9200-DK designed to S1D13806. Any suggestion to make it work with S1D13506? Below is boot message from our board (...)
Hi all I'm having problems with starting the OMAP5912 starter kit. I think anyone with expr bringing up an ARM based system with u-boot can help with my problem. When I start the system, the bootloader comes up and uncompresses the kernel, then just freezes. I get the message in braces { booting image at (...)
Has anyone seen this failure of a Motorola PrPMC800-2161 (PowerPC) board? I now have three brain-dead boards and am running out of spares. I'm trying to debug an application that runs on this board. When the bug occurs, it damages something on the board so it no longer boots correctly. boot-up normally outputs a PPCBug greeting message, (...)
reinstall grub: 1) boot on cd 1 2) type: linux rescue 3) type: chroot /mnt/sysimage 4) on console type: grub-install /dev/hda is linux and dual Microsoft ????
Hi, i donīt know if it the place to ask this. When i try to install RED HAT 9 in graphic mode the monitor turn off with message out of scan or something like that. Well I install it in text mode, and works fine. When it try to detect my monitor (SONY E200) not found it. But it is in the list i select it and install. But when i boot appeard again
Hi, all! Testing the example AT89C2051_TEMP I've got a message from DSIM: ... Loading HEX file 'Objects\THERM.hex'. Read total of 1766 bytes from file 'Objects\THERM.hex'. ERROR: Program length exceeds limit of 1024 bytes boot Error. Real Time Simulation failed to start Real Time Simulation FAILED "[/c
I get mentioned error message where trying boot linux instalation CD on older Fujitsu ICL TeamServer Hs sparc machine currently running ICL NX. I thing that CD is OK (boot solaris CD on same machine produce same error). There must be problem with machine fw, I think. Have any idea on how to solve this problem? Regards, Frenki