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At the least, if you have the boot1 pin on your chip, since it can also function as an output, it is best to not tie it directly to GND and to use a resistor to avoid any possible damage regardless of PortB I/O configuration.. I generally boot mode pins to GND with resistors on any prototypes, at the very least. This way I have another (...)
As far as I know, unlkess there is a protected boot block in the BIOS EEPROM, the only solution is to remove the IC and re-program it externally. I'm suprised there isn't a boot block you can activate, it would at least allow you to reprogram the BIOS even if it did nothing else. The trouble is there is no standard way to activate it. I would try
I have the same problem with two reasons: 1. you need to find the optimal baud rate, maybe 9600 in your case is too slow, 2. I dont know which dev. board you use, but to program upload LPC you need to switch to boot mode, "Press ISP LOAD tactile switch, then press RESET tactile switch while ISP LOAD is being held, release RESET then release ISP
As there is no DVD player in the Notebook I had to prepare a bootable pendrivel using Rufus software.When it arrives in the completion of the installation of Windows 7 get a blue screen and reset the machine. I tried to run it in safe mode, but it Reached Classpnp.sys And Then rebooted. I'm guessing is missing the video file from Netbook (...)
Hi everyone, I looked at the EMMC 5.1 standard from JEDEC and want to know the max data transfer rate in boot operation mode right after power on. I saw f_od max = 400Khz so data transfer rate may equal 400 * 8 * 2 = 6.4 Mb/s = 0.8 MByte/s for max configuration x8, DDR. Is my understanding and calculation is correct? Is the frequency of EMMC and
If you are lucky there may be a quick fix for this problem: Get hold of a bootable linux disk and use it to boot the computer to a linux desktop. DO NOT INSTALL Linux, just use it in 'live' mode directly from the CD/DVD. The Linux file manager will be able to read and write the hard disk with Windows on it. Use it to copy a new version of (...)
In the schematic of the Spartan 3AN, the nRST pin of the SMSC LAN 8700PHY is strapped to a pull-down resistor. The mode is boot-strapped with external pull-down to 10Base-T Half Duplex, auto-negociation disabled. I would set the mode All Capable, enable the HP Auto-MDIX (for detection of direct connect LAN or cross-over patch cable), reset (...)
Hello All, I had an incident that I didn't check the voltage of Pickit programmer before programming PIC16F819 chip. Voltage was 2.5V and on log line it said that it went to low programming mode etc. Programming went fine but now I can't use more that 4.7V or mcu will get into boot loop. Is there any possibility to bring this MCU back to normal
Hello , I'm looking for USB boot loader for PIC18f4550, I'm using C18 compiler for programming
Hi, I am in search of lowest cost but with good linux BSP support for an embedded web-server solution. The solution must support both Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi must support both Adhoc and Infra-structure mode of network. My Hardware should have following features: 1. UARTs 2. SPI (for Wi-Fi) 3. USB (for Wi-Fi) 4. boot from SPI flash
I have a strange Problem with Win 7 32 bit. After I boot the PC normally the system hangs after 30 to 60 seconds after Desktop appears. The mouse pointer moves but it becomes busy and then I can't click anything as the desktop freezes. If I boot in Safe mode or Safe mode with Networking then there will be no problem and (...)
Hello friends, my device has programmable button which is controlled by controller atmega8 and i'm also having usbasp programmer on board. Now my problem is that when i connect usb plug to program device my controller get reset to enter in boot-loader mode but by that time it also looses the control over the software button and my device gets tu
Hi, I have u-boot data saved in spi flash. during system boot up SPI flash controller in the SoC reads the u-boot data into DDR. Can any one explain what exactly is PIO mode in SPI. How is it different from SPI modes 0 & 3. Thanks & Regards Raghu Nandan Ravi
I'm not sure exactly what you want, but I'm guessing that you cannot boot the laptop even into BIOS mode because the BIOS is corrupt. Which laptop? Most laptops (actually, most BIOSs) have an emergency recovery mode whereby it is possible to force a BIOS update even if the system cannot boot. Try this: Download the (...)
Hi; If you mean boot from SPI (I mean your design is flashed in SPI and FPGA is configured by that SPI data) FPGA has internal macros/hard coded SPI read/write functionalities. It is already put in FPGA by the manufacturer, you just need to configure bootstraps. Hope helps
Log off>> Welcome Screen Hibernate>> save RAM to disk and shutdown, so on power up it only restores disk file to RAM (equivalent to a power OFF but faster boot) Sleep> shuts off power to everything except RAM> touch any key or mouse to wakeup >> Usually used for Close Lid... for fastest wakeup mode
CRC field in command uses a CRC7, the algorithm is documented in the specification. Please notice the comment on SPI mode. The default command structure/protocol for SPI mode is that CRC checking is disabled. Since the card powers up in SD Bus mode, CMD0 must be followed by a valid CRC byte (even though the command is sent using the SPI s
I purchased 4 new NXP P89v51rd2 ics from a reputed shop and none of them are programming via ISP. the flash magic screen waits indefinitely in "reset into ISP mode now".even the device id is not visible. serial communication loopback occurs perfectly from pc via max ic via the short on txt rxd pin of muc back to pc. atmel ics burnt via parallel pr
I don't think the SMSC part has nonvolatile storage. Check the SMSC datsheet first, usually there are "strapping resistors" to set the mode you want at boot depending on whether pins have pull ups/downs on them. Otherwise either you'll need a configuration eeprom for it (if the part supports it) or else the fpga will need to write the config regi
I see you have worked with the vdip in fifo mode in the past, Is there any special trick to getting it to work, ie custom pin grounding etc. ? The module seems to work in uart mode, finding my flash and be able to be boot loaded from flash but for the fifo mode the leds up after power up alternates once then "nothing", i (...)