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Hi, I want to get the PBG of a triangular lattice using cst eigenmode solver. I put the boundary condition as follows +/- x: Periodic +/- Y: Periodic +/- z: Et=0 I know that the phase x and phase y parameters are to be swiped over some angle (As we do for rectangular lattice 1 from Γ to X point of Brillion zone (0,0) to (...)
hello, i have a problem when i design rectangular patch antenna for GPS, there are words that say Defined reference frequency for open boundary condition (2 GHz) is larger than the lowest relevant system frequency (monitor at 1.57542 GHz). Please check open boundary settings to ensure accurate monitor results for the lowest frequency
I'm simulating One of the IEEE paper , but i've got some problem , i used two ports( X dimension) for feeding through Waveguide port , but when i want to assign boundary condition to another Dimension , i have to assign to feeding port. please chech my file : original shape : i.tinyuploads.
Dear all, I have simulated some published papers' unit cell structure for getting "s" shaped phase curve using cst mws 2010. I draw the unit cell on x-y plane. Then in boundary condition I use x-min and x-max as perfect magnetic wall, y-min and y-max as perfect electric wall, z-min as perfect electric wall for shorting (...)
Hi I designed a nanoantenna structure in cst and defined a plane wave for excitation and boundary condition is set to open add space. when I try to run FD solver for it, program gives an error about fd solver not working with open boundaries . is it common or I missed some settings somewhere ? cause I've read that fd solver is the (...)
cst mws is not suitable for large structure. It is based on Finite integration Technique and uses volume discretization. I think, you should use ADS Momentum of FEKO Software. They are based on the Moment Method. Also, if you are familiar with Ansoft HFSS, so you can use Floque boundary condition to overcome this probl
hi, im trying to design a 900Mhz feed line rectangular patch antenna with partial ground plane using cst mws,, i need help regarding how to model the boundary condition. What should i put as the Zmin?? is it 'Electric (Et=0)' ?? or 'open'? or 'open (add space)'? ps- currently im using Zmin= open (add space) because it (...)
Is there a bloch boundary condition that you can use? Also, did you ever solve this problem? Please post your finished cst file here. Thanks. Added after 49 seconds: Is there a bloch boundary condition that you can use? Also, did you ever solve this problem? Please post your finished (...)
Hi all, I'm new in using cst 2008 mws. I'm trying to simulate a frequency selective surface by using the boundary condition. What does it means by TE mode and TM mode? How can I set the modes to TM mode? Thanks
Hi everybody I want to simulate the ebg reflection phase with cst 2008, but I have some problems. The boundary condition is as following when I want to use Frequency Domain Solver this error use a plane
hi i think you need to make sure your near field monitor is inside the simulation domain specified by you using boundary conditions you can manually add space or use open(add space) boundary condition to resolve this problem i hope this helps regards
hi i am interested in having a look at the cst mws simulation of any structure which is using unit cell boundary condition. any comments, links or pdf file are welcome regards
in cst mws we have unit cell boundary condition as well as periodic boundary condition i am just wondering whats the difference between the two ? and which one we should use for EBGs and which one for array simulation and also whether these 2 boundary (...)
Can anyone provide me a model of the metamaterial structure for cst - mws . I have some difficults on port and boundary condition. The help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks a lot.
Hi everybody, i have a problem defining my structure in cst mws. I need to model a cylindrical resonator with a hybrid boudary condition: PEC condition on the lateral boundary and PMC condition conductor on the base faces. As long as I know, this software uses always a brick (...)
Hi winglj Another better way to reduce calculation time is to assign first in the Background Properties Lower Z=5 or10mm then in the boundary condition Assign Zmin=open. And only after this pick the coax face and define the Port. PL
Hi all, I am simulating a p@tch antenna in cst mws - 5. All the results are fine.However I am unable to see the back lobe levels. In the back side it is giving a zero field !! . I have included open + add space for zmin boundary condition.Any ideas as to how I can do the back lobe calculation ? Thanks for (...)