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Dear Friends, I want to design a multiband bow-tie antenna at frequencies 1.3GHz and 3.5GHz. The tricky part here is that I need to use two ports and with coaxial feedings. I have designed the antennas for 1.3GHz and 3.5 GHz separately. Now I would like to combine them. How can I do that?? any suggestions will be appreciated.
Hi, I am trying to simulate the reflection coefficient of an bow tie Antenna with CST Studio Suite. I want to simulate the reflection coefficient for different materials like water or a phantom tissue, which simulates biological tissue. Can anyone tell me, how I can change the properties of the surroundings of the antenna in CST Studio (...)
You can use one discrete port between the two halves of your bow tie antenna
I understood your problem... After drawing the second bow tie using draw line command it takes the same level of previous bow tie design.... In this situation just select the second bowtie each and every poly lines and change the substrate height in every polyline. At the end of all (...)
Sir, I want to simulate one bow tie antenna with lumped source. I want to add noise to the source of the antenna that means changing setting as with this procedure: HFSS> design properties> click statistics> click distribution column> .... then after this I am unable to under stand what to do, which parameter distribution should be changed. (...)
I attached here the links from GAP A Compact UWB Indoor and Through-Wall Radar with Precise Ranging and Tracking The New UWB Self-grounded bow-tie Antennas and the Applications in Different Systems
We have lots of antenna structures like spherical, Yagi-Uda, Parabolic, Dipole, Slot, bow tie, Wearable, PIFA and so on. But how can I identify just by mere inspection that this is an antenna? You can't... except if you mean a "reasonably good" antenna. I like this excerpt:
Hi Friends, please help me. I have designed a bow-tie antenna as with dimensions given in pic also. Dims are given as below; bow tie one arm: arm length=4.1cm, outer width=2cm, inner width=0.25cm Gap width=0.25 cm Sub= Width=10 cm, Length= 15 cm, height=62mil, permittivity=2.2 But I am getting maximum to
I am designing a bow-tie RFID tag antenna.I want to use chip (IC). As the impedance of chip is in complex form i.e 12-151j but when i use this impedance while assigning ports. it gives works only on real values i.e 50 ohm, 70 ohm etc. how to give complex impedance in CST???
Hello, I'm new to HFSS and need help feeding a dipole which is formed by two square panels arranged in a bow-tie fashion /\_ _/\ \/ \/ Do I use one port or two ports? I do not wish to simulate the balun, just drive them balanced from the ports. In FEKO, one draws a wire to connect the two panels and places the port along the wires. I
U can used the option of a cylinder and give it 3 sides in its properties two such tianges if u place orthogonal u will fet a bow tie shape then remaining process is same as for any other antenna. hope it helps u:thumbsup:
The bow-tie is a popular antenna so there is lots of info around. I hope you have access to a simulator. If so, just try some, and play with the parameters. Besides "resonant bandwidth" also look to the radiation pattern as having a nice impedance match but bad radiation pattern may not be what you want. It becomes more complicated when you h
hi all, I want to design a bow-tie antenna using CST MWS. Can anyone help me in designing this antenna? i really need your help. thanks
hi, i have tried to import my bow tie shaped antenna to protel but as arcs are not defined there so i dont get proper shaped antenna,can i draw it on protel and also is there any boolian algebra option present seems its very difficult to draw antenna on protel.if anyone ever have done this plz share it
I am going to design a bow tie antenna for 3.5 GHz I need formulas for design calculation. can anyone help me out Thanks
hi, i am very new in array designing,i have some questions if anyone can help me to understand 1.i have designed bow tie antenna and want to make 2d arrays using master slave condition now firslty how to do this i have to create an object of rectangles around antenna to give that object master slave condition?then waht about air box??it will be o
hi. i am trying to simulate crossed bow tie antenna i got good results for s11 but my radiation pattern is completely distorted can anyone check my model and tell me either i have define port correctly?also radiation pattern depends on which factors?i have attach my file
hi if any body knows about operating principle of Crossed bowtie Dipoles then plz share your knowledge with me.i am confused about its working Any pair of crossed dipoles is used to radiate or receive a circularly polarized wave. bow-tie dipole is used for a wider bandwidth. Such antenna can also be used in
hi if any body has worked on cross bow tie then plz share some papers on it with me,i have not find even a single paper on it,
Hi all, I wanna design a UWB antenna (700-3800 MHz) for 4G application with polarization purity. I tried with bow-tie antenna and achieved the bandwidth using assymmetrical legs but polarization purity is not there. And one more requirement is cosine pattern in elevation. Can anyone suggest me some other antenna which will have the above b
hi,can any one help me in designing bow tie?i am thinking of designing it for 100 ghz and i use formula for length l= lemba/2*sqrt(epsilon) and width =1.6*lembda/sqrt(epsilon) now my problem is that how to find out flare angle?i-e tan(theta)=l/2/w/2 is ok for full bow angle or it gives half of flare angle? secondly on hfss when i define (...)
Hi guys I am designing a bow-tie antenna for a GPR. Since the GPR antennas should only radiate in one direction i have to design a back cavity with absorption material in it. But since the cavity acts as a reflector it changes all the S parameters of my antenna. I really don't have any idea on how to design this back cavity taking the reflections i
hi all i have designed a bow tie antenna for GPR in CST that will work between 500mhz-2ghz but the reference impedance is 250 ohms and it will be having a coaxial feeding i need to design a BALUN that will convert 250 ohm to 50 ohms (coaxial cable). can anyone help . Thanks in advance Vaibhav Thakur
Is your bow antenna above a ground plane, as this has large influence on input impedance? feeding a dipole off-center, will raise the impedance, but you get a large common mode component, that will increase the common mode current in the coaxial feed line. The common mode current contributes to the radiation pattern (mostly not desired). If yo
hello friend, I am working on bow-tie antenna and i want to feed antenna with a balun(,i.e. mircostripline to transition then coplanar stripline) m working on CST and I dont know how to calculate length and width of coplanartripline..... thank u in advance rupesh
Hi all, I want to have efficient way of designing a bowtie antenna for uwb applications. Can any body provide me with the tutorial...
Im a beginner in desperate need for help. I am designing a slotted bow tie patch antenna with a back coaxial feed which I have already created in CST. When a transient simulation is run, I get a practically non existant efficiency. When looking at the surface current, it appears that very little current is flowing on the patch surface. Where am I g
we cant calculate the impedance of bowtie
A bow-tie antenna is in principle a "thick" dipole; at VHF and UHF, you can use equally well (electrically) two triangles cut of metal sheet. The advantage of this structure is that it is a good dipole for a wider frequency band. In some cases it was found later that cutting the triangles into a pair of narrower "fingers" and setting the dipol
Hi, I have designed the RFID tag bow-tie antenna in HFSS attached55003. My main desire is that the antenna simulated should have closer impedance value with the manufactured one after simulation. So for this purpose please check my design environment that is it correctly in place? I am going to mill it on rogers 4003C. Thanks
Hi, Can anyone please provide me with an example of bow-tie microstrip pacth antenna using HFSS. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Dear friends I want to simulate this paper in HFSS but I don't know how can I do it? How can I draw the phisycal model of this paper? I mean should I draw both of the elements or not?
Hi, I am trying to model a bow-tie antenna for UWB range(3.1-10.6GHZ).bow-tie antenna usually have an impedance of Around 188-200 Ohms at the input port(Mentioned in almost every literature regarding bow-tie antennas). My problem is i have to design an impedance transformer which converts (...)
Hi, If anyone can share useful documents or Links regarding design principles of Directional bow-tie antennas. That would be great. /
hello everybody can one of you help me to design a bow-tie antenna feed by coaxline in HFSS
Hi Guys, I'm simulating Electric field on a bow tie antenna. I'm using a linearly polarized plane wave illumination and my aim is to observe the z-component of the E-field beneath the antenna. When i put a field probe to observe the resonances i see the first two resonance at 215 and 570 ghz. However when i look at the field at 570, it does not
Hello everyone I'm recently using GprMax3D. I am familiar with the 2D version, but I read in the manual that you can "create" a bow-tie in the simulation model in the 3D version. Problem is I would like to see what changes in a Gpr's reading when you change the transmitter end receptor antenna's properties. I'd like to make tx and rx (...)
Both log-periodic and bow-tie are broadband antennas. Log-periodic is made by multiple dipoles on the same boom, and the length and spacing of the elements increase logarithmically. The smallest dipole is for highest frequency and the longest dipole is for lowest frequency. Replacing the longest dipole with a bow-tie (...)
Hello I need this article please, it's urgent : Notched circular microstrip patch antennas with bow tie shaped aperture coupling for improved axial ratio bandwidth Sharma, A.K. Mittal, A. This paper appears in: Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, 2005 IEEE Publication Date: 3-8 July 2005
I simulate the structure of bow-tie nano-aperture with CST Microwave studio 2008. (there is a metal slit and we excite the plane wave foward to the metal slit and measure the power transmission at the opposite side of metal slit) In frequency domain solver, there is a adaptive mesh refinement option and I heard that it is recommended to use th
Hi all, I'm new to antenna design, however, am trying to design an antenna for ground penetrating radar. I would like to use a bow-tie antenna for its wide band capabilities, however, I'm strugling with the overall concept. Firstly, would a microstrip antenna be reccomended, condsidering the narrow bandwidth which is associated with them. If (...)
I want to matching bow tie antenna, and to minimize imaginary component i want to use stub, but i don't know how to assign stub in HFSS Please help me????
Hi everyone..., please help...!!! I'm so desperate how to make my ground (for bow-tie mirror draw object) in the other side of substrate?, i'm using HFSS, can anyone tell me one by one step to make it in the other side? Thanks
Hello everyone..., I want to make antenna bow-tie for UWB, actually for microwave sensing, antenna that have VSWR < 2 in 2 -14 GHz frequency range, i'm newbie of HFSS. can anyone help me: 1). The first i have to do to design bow-tie antenna in HFSS, what is the box is for? (I see many example using box for design (...)
The mesh plot is very useful to see if your structure's details and discontinuities are meshed small enough. Please note that the RF current typically flows at edges of metal, so mesh your edges well. This goes for your bow-tie also.
Hello guys, I want to simulate the electric field at the gap of a micron-sized (150 mu each half) bow tie antenna which is exposed to THz radiation. I tried SONNET and a link referring to simulator on nanoHUB but they didn't work. That's my first post on this site and i will really appreciate if someone could help me =) Greetings, Alibey
im currently just started designing bow-tie antenna using ansoft hfss... can anyone tell me how to change the length and width of the bow-tie using ansoft hfss...i mean like which command to use or where to go to change the length n the width of this design?thank you
can someone pls upload me a ansoft bow-tie guide...i really need tuto from ansoft on designing tuning stubs bowtie
I am doing my thesis on designing a bow-tie antenna from 800 MHz to 1.25 MHz...can someone help me to give me some information about it....or please type any website that can help me to get information regarding it...thanking you in advance
Hi ... I have designed a simple bow-tie antenna on CST... Altough i have the result of the S11... I am interested on antenna Gain vs Frequency and phase response vs frequency. What can i do to get the result of these parameter on CST ? thanks in advance