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i want to design printed bowtie antenna design i need to know the 1.length formula 2. width formula 3. if i am feeding through the strip line whats the length of feed line and spacing formulas and calculations if u send that helps me lot
i am designing a bowtie antenna in HFSS order to design a bowtie structure , I drawn the bowtie structure using "draw line" command .how can i change this structure to 2D i.e sheet so that i can assign material to that structure .
how to draw a bowtie antenna for using hfss v13.0, i need a step by step procedure please any one help me .....
You can google bowtie designs, but for Wimax at 3.5 GHz using it makes no better sense that an ordinary dipole. bowtie dipole is used for "very" wideband applications, like 20-50% bandwidth.
hi all i have designed a bow tie antenna for GPR in CST that will work between 500mhz-2ghz but the reference impedance is 250 ohms and it will be having a coaxial feeding i need to design a BALUN that will convert 250 ohm to 50 ohms (coaxial cable). can anyone help . Thanks in advance Vaibhav Thakur
Hi all, I want to have efficient way of designing a bowtie antenna for uwb applications. Can any body provide me with the tutorial...
we cant calculate the impedance of bowtie
i have to design a bowtie in hfss 3-18 GHz, gain>=0, omnidirectional is it possible? some ideas? thanks
Hi ayerokk, You may use "HFSS antenna design Kit" to get the dimensions of bowtie antenna. HFSS antenna design kit - Making our life easy! - Blogs - Forum for Electronics Hope this helps...
Just some tips: 1) increase the length of the arms, 2) enlarge the open angle of the bowtie arms.
hi sezgyno i have different idea about HFSS i skilled in HFSS but i amateur in cst and novice in FEKO and i design bowtie in hfss but we have to many model of bowtie if u ask question in edaboard pls give full data about question and i emphasis that the HFSS the best software for antenna's simulation which base on resonance (...)
Hi I am currently doing my final year project on ultra wideband antenna and have actually designed an array of 2x2 bowtie antenna patch. I need design 1-4 equal split wilkinson power divider using microwave office 2002 but I have difficulties. Please help!! This is urgent!!!
Hi, I am trying to simulate a wide band patch bowtie antenna using HFSS. From the literatures, I found the UWB bowtie antenna falls into two categories, slot bowtie antenna with CPW feeding and self-complementary bowtie design. I want to (...)
I have design 'n simulate bowtie antenna with center frequency 250 MHz. The electric field waveform is ok. But the return loss is so big in center frequency ( about -8 dB). Do anyone know how to match it with 50 ohm coax, so i can get -10 dB return loss in center frequency ? Thx b4