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Hi, I use Altium Designer and have been sent files in Cadence Allegro *.brd format. I believe I need to get these converted into *.alg format because I don't have Cadence Allegro installed on my machine. Would it be possible for someone to convert for me and post here?. Sorry if this is a bit cheeky, many thanks for your help. 133391[
Depend on the complexity, you can draw a shape in package but i would consider draw this shape for a padstack. It is easier ti cerate this shape in a brd (the shape manipulation is not really easy in a dra; exemple: you can not "z copy" with an offset in dra) then export it in subdrawing, import in dra and save it in ssm format. Then you can use
Then why did they add Allegro file format (Allegro PCB .brd) in Import wizard option of Altium?
Hi All, I'm trying to convert a TI OMAP .brd file into a format that I can get into Altium. Altium does the import, but it can only operate on BINARY .brd files if a registered version of Allegro is installed. If you don't have Allegro installed, it can still do it, but it needs the ASCII export version, a .alg file. There don't (...)
Hi Salim, open your .brd file. File-import-dxf. A window will pop up(Refer to attachment DXF). Browse your company logo.dxf file . Provide your DXF created units properly. Pick incremental addition. Pick Edit\View layers. A window will pop up (Refer DXF-EDIT-VIEW attachment) . Pick sellect all . Provide the class and subclass names in which y
"brd" is just a file extension, I guess you are referring to a specfic layout file format? Allegro V16.x brd format will be e.g. supported by SIwave. If you mean eagle brd, there's no chance, except making your own conversion tool. Supported CAD tools:
Hello, does anyone could help me ? I have an evaluation board in allegro .brd format file and i'd need to use it in Altium designer. To make a translation is necessary to have an *.alg (ascii files) generated in Allegro Is there anyone that could do this thing for me, if I send him the .brd file ? Let me know.. Bye
how to load EDIF schematic files in orcad capture or edif brd files in allegro pcb? is thr any format. ? i m using altium , i tried exporting edif from altium & importing it to capture & allegro pcb. but got the errors. not working. what may b the problem?
Hi, I need to convert my .brd file in ubuntu KiCad EDA Build 20090216 final into a pdf document of the same dimentions. There are no options to export as pdf, so please tell me if this is possible. Thanks.
Hi all, I am a newbie in PCB design and apologize me, if my question is a simple one. I have a design of a board. The layout is available in .brd format and schematic is available in .pdf format. I would like to alter the board . My question is that, after making schematic from the available pdf, is it possible to cross probe the (...)
If allegro PCB currently installed, check if it can open the .brd file. please note that altium can only open ascii format of allegro. so it needs allegro installed and working properly to translate binary format to ascii first. BEST
dear you can use this link to download ODB++ iside to be eable to export brd File to ODB++ format then inport it to the Altuim
Altium can import .brd files, but you must have installed both, Allegro and Altium on same computer.
Hey guys, Can someone verify that this Power Supply Design will work, we're really limited on resources so we need to make sure our design will work (it will be done using a cnc machine). I have doubts on how to do the common ground from the schematic on the .brd. P.S. The design is done using Eagle.
I am able import Allegro board file data into ASCII format file valext.txt file using following command and validating Net Lengths on Microsoft excel sheet. extracta .brd valext.txt .b .p.s .r Is it possible to save back ASCII data to Allegro boardfile using above command,Currrently i
dear fri, Any idea pcb file *.brd to itc checker file exteension format this type using checking purpose.
hello...i am in need to convert a .brd (eagle) file to orcad format for giving it to a pcb fabricator...have already read the other post in this forum regarding this but doesn't seem to help much...pls help :|
Hi group, I want to convert an allegro brd file to pads layout file, can any one guide me through this ? I am able to convert pads file to allegro file to pads file. Waiting for your response!! Thanks and regards Niraj
Hi all, how can I convert or translate Orcad layout format (.max) into Allegro format (.brd)? Is there any free translation tool for this job? For your information, I'm using Orcad Layout 10.2 and Allegro 15.2. Thanks.
Eagle format brd and sch files same as olimex