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hello santekt see the following circuit,its very easy to develop, you can develop this on the breadboard also while testing. 108308
It is a simple "regen" radio. It must be TUNED to one side of an FM radio station and have its regen adjusted high enough to work as a radio. If you built it on a breadboard then the high capacitance between the rows of contacts and between the jumper wires causes it to be tuning to frequencies too low. Try it when the 5pf capacitor (the one parall
Not sure if it's your problem, but in breadboard I don't see chips connected to ground like in diagram.
I think that your PA is oscillating, because is built on a breadboard with nor real RF grounding.
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Hi, You should take care about the connection of the antenna pin on the pcb, and the the dimesioning of the antenna itself. Try to solve the problem step by step. If you don't have a spectrum analyser, use the receiver module RSSI pin to verify the transmitter power output. First do the measurement on the breadboard, after that solder the tran