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Please help. I need to choose a Smart Power Module for a Wireless Power Transfer project. I need it to be able to handle 10A, 60V and a pwm frequency of around 80KH. The topology is that of a full bridge resonant converter. I am very new at designing circuits but this is an important project for school. I have been reading a few (...)
I assume that you are talking about 230V single phase. In that case first you have to convert that AC (50Hz) to DC using rectifier and filter then using H bridge (IGBT) and sine pwm pulsing you will get sine wave of your required frequency. By varying the pulsing from microcontroller you can obtain 48Hz or 52Hz.
hi, What type of feedback amplifier (type-2,type-3 or PI) is used in a pure sine wave inverter? Suppose an inverter consists of a h-bridge and a low frequency iron core toroidal transformer. H-bridge is derived by sinusoidally modulated pwm (20KHz). At the secondary of the transformer there is a filter to get filtered (...)
Hi, Im currently working on a project that requires 4 pwm output for the bridge of an inverter. I am using infineon's Xe161 series of microcontroller. I already have the source code but for testing purposes I need to set the frequency of the pwm to 60Hz. Here's the part that detects the zero crossing of the AC signal, (...)
sir i have to design a switched mode car battery charger with full bridge topology and for pwm , frequency and feedback i have to use ka3525 . i am new in electronics so please sir 1st) give me a complete block diagram of full bridge topology and 2nd) circuit of ka3525 to get the above three jobs.. i have searched google (...)
Hello everyone Pla how does one calculate how many MOSFET will be needed for an full bridge inverter using N channel MOSFET. If I have irfp260n having power at 300w then using four of it in the bridge will give how much power output assuming no losses. Basically how to calculate number of MOSFETs needed depending on power output.
If you reverse engineer the drum HV bias generators used in large laser printers you will find they use a step up transformer in a resonant oscillator mode. Thus no EMI is generated with the sine wave output. No bridge multipliers are needed, just rectify with a string of 500V rated 1/4W resistors for DC voltage feedback. pwm control is used to ge
Dear, I need to change the duty cycle of a Hbridge, with fix frequency (10Hz). The Vin is 400V. Has someone some good document to read and understand? I will control it with a microcontroller. Thanks.
make a drive... by varying frequency you can control the speed u can use pwm ic like SG2535 IC or microcntroller and use igbt or mosfet for h bridge inverter. also try with triac.. ceiling fan speed is controlled by Triac
Hi all, I want to use a PIC 16F887 to generate a 60Hz Spwm signal for a full bridge. I want to know what Timer2 prescalar value, PR2 and (external or internal) crystal oscillator to use. Thanks for the help.
I'm trying to learn AVR again. This time wanted to start with Arduino. Normal PORT in/out, delay etc. are okay. Facing problem with making pwm signal for H bridge converter configuration. For H-bridge (or even half bridge), at least two pwm output is required. I've chosen Timer2 for this purposes. I (...)
Hi. Could someone please explain the differences between half and full-bridge (reverse and non-reverse) pwm? The single is easy. If possible, please include sample waveforms. Thank you.
Hello, I'm building a prototype 37V-350A inverter welding machine. Currently i'm using Full bridge topology and hard switching (with 2 pwm control signals, one for LEG A, One for LEG B). Rectified 3 phase AC is connected as main input voltage. Switching frequency is 31250 Hz. (32 us period). my Main controller is an ARM processor that (...)
Contrary to all the arguments against one, my team has accomplished a variable frequency drive (3-level inverter H-bridge) on fundamental pwm. The problem arose when we opted to make a 5-level inverter. The code that we made on arduino UNO on each pin should generate a 50Hz signal. It is generating a gate signal of 50Hz on proteus when i (...)
If you have a look in the datasheet for this microcontroller, in chapter 11, you'll find the the CCP1 is enhanched, and have 4 output, capable to drive a half or full bridge device. The CCP1=P1A, and is the normal pwm output, equal to the CCP2. To setup the period frequency you need to study the datasheet, ot learn how. You can find the (...)
Hello All, I am building a Pure sinewave Inverter.Now, when I connect my dc-dc converter to the drains of my full bridge inverter (Spwm section) my ferrite core tranformer begins to make a sound and then after a little while I see smoke coming from it. What could be the problem? I was wondering if it could be the LC filter at the output of the
hi, i made a project in high schooll like that. but i used ccs c compiler and pic18f4550, but as far as i remember. the frequency doesnt affect your rpm, it just gives an option for your switching devices such as h-bridge mosfets or transistors. you can set your frequency according to your h-bridge devices. the only (...)
Your circuit does not show its supply voltage (24V?) and frequency of the pwm. The 1N4007 diode is extremely slow (designed for rectifying 50Hz). Use a fast diode. It is missing the important low value resistors in series with the gates of the Mosfets that prevent them from oscillating (which makes them hot). At first step I don't us
If the full bridge output is 100 Hz, the transformer must be designed for 100 Hz. But it doesn't sound like a good design idea to connect a transformer in this place.
hi, i made this h bridge as shown in the works fine but gives very low torque....when i connect the motor to a power supply it draws about 4 amp but when i connect to the h bridge it draws 0.25 amp ....also i tried a bigger motor it didnt work at first(at low pwm) and it made a humming sound then at increasing the pwm it (...)