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you CAN have a non resonating radiating structure. Like a small loop that is driven by a current source. It will be very inefficient though, but will work very broadband simply because you are not resonating it. with a loop, you can just make it out of thick conductor and pump a LOT of RF current into it. For a electrically-short dipole, you
I have antenna electrode, in a shape of planar resonant loop or call it folded dipole, which I need to broadband. I try cutting it along the length and make it into two electrodes side-by-side, inner loop and outer loop. I was hoping because one electrode will be longer then another and it?s resonant frequency will be slightly higher, I will (...)
while some antennas, like a horn, dipole, or monopole will have a fixed phase center, broadband multielement antennas like a log periodic do not. The phase center changes as a function of what frequency you are at.
I have to design broadband antenna for frequency range 25-110 MHz. Which antenna should i chose? Monopole, Helix, dipole and What should be the material ? copper etc
Both log-periodic and bow-tie are broadband antennas. Log-periodic is made by multiple dipoles on the same boom, and the length and spacing of the elements increase logarithmically. The smallest dipole is for highest frequency and the longest dipole is for lowest frequency. Replacing the longest (...)
Anyone has info on the broadband dipole antenna, the one like a ball with two half cup together like a ball on the top and with a stick connected to the power meter used mostly in the EMI testing. any detailed info on how the dipole is formed? and connected ? there are 1 axis and 3 axis types, is the ball shell (...)
Because the antenna production tolerances are pretty high compared to the wavelength at 60 GHz (mmwave), you'd prefer an antenna with broadband performance. Moreover you really want some antenna gain for having a decent link budget at those freqs. A Vivaldi antenna, as used by the people from the Wigwam (...)
Hi, it's depending on the type of antenna. antennas in resonance (e.g. dipole, patch...)are usually narrow, antennas that are not resonant (e.g. Vivaldi, spiral antenna) are broadband. The size influences the bandwidth as well e.g. if you shorten a dipol and match it with a coil it get (...)