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hello PIC Eeprom or external I2C eeprom ? Both can keep all datas when Power Off occurs.. even it is better to manage brown out reset Volatge or use a dedicated IC to survey power supply and be able to save data into eeprom,just before MCU reseting. you need to store an index , the last position (adresse) used to store (...)
To avoid this i've tryed using the brown out reset functions, wich failed Probably there should be some other problem on circuit not yet considered, due this should work.
Hello all...!! I am making one application in which i am controlling Two motors,there is too many measurements,current measurement of all 3 phase using CT and otherthings...!! I am using internal EEPROM of ATMEGA32A to store data. My problem is.. When i restart my circuit many time,its internal EEPROM data corrupt. I enable brownout (...)
You should make it sure in your bootloader that it will not overwrite it. Lock the bootloader to prevent it from unintentional write instruction from the application code. Set brown out reset to prevent flash corruption due to low voltage. I hope you really means bootloader corruption and not a bootloader BUG....
What are you utilizing to power the device? A poorly regulated power supply combined with the brown-out reset (BOR) active can cause the device to repeatedly reset, essentially suspending device operation. I would recommend utilizing a 100nF decoupling capacitor as close as possible between the Vdd and Vss pins, use a well (...)
A circuit would help help you. Till then, make sure you have disabled the brown-out fuse and enabled the power-on timer. Also, disable the MCLR pin, unless you specifically need it for reset.
Hi. If you need a brown-out circuit you can use some circuits ideas provided for MIcrochip. I have attached some pictures.
hey guys im using atmega 168A -pu im beginner with avr i have some basic doubts as to can i use 20mhz crystal and if so ive done the fuse settings can you please tell me if its right spien-programmed(logic 0) brownout programmed to 4.3V BODLEVEL1=programmed(logic 0) BODLEVEL0=programmed(logic 0) BOOTSZ1=programmed(logic 0) BOOTSZ0= programmed(logic
What do you mean by Stucking.. I thing after sometime your controller stops working... So my advice is to disable to Watch Dog Timer, brown-out-reset and Power-On-reset.. If your problem still persist.. Then Put your code here and Circuit..
I tried making my own pic 16f877A development board and its not working. I measured the voltage levels and they were optimum. Vdd=4.5V Vreset = 4.3V(brown out reset was disabled) i am using an hs oscillator. to test the board i wrote a simple blinking program . I used HS oscillator 20Mhz for clock. pls help me. (...)
Hi there. So... I am back again with another problem. Here is the code (asm). The purpose of the program to transmit the data on a parallel port to USART TX line (using built in module - NOT manual implementation of USART). There will be a DIP switch on PORTD in my conceived hardware model, with LED on switch to indicate if it is on or off.
From my experience resistor on reset line should be > 10K, capacitance could be couple of uF but need to be disconnected for programming (some jumper). BTW, the chip has internal brown out detection so it's not necessary to use external reset . The brown out detection plus a good software (...)
I need to set the configuration bits in PIC16F877A using pragma directive. Following are the configurations I need to set: oscillator: HS code protection: OFF data protection : OFF power up timer: disabled watchdog timer: disabled brown out reset: enabled low voltage programming: disabled debug enable: OFF I am using mikroC.
BODEN: brown-out Detect Enable bit(4) 1 = BOD enabled 0 = BOD disabled This Bit is switching on a special circuit that will put your microcontroller PIC12F675 in reset state when the voltage is below a level. This is very usefull for battery power applications !. WDTE: Watchdog Timer Enable bit 1 = WDT enabled 0 = WDT disabled Watchdog is (...)
'Fixed BOR setup' message on LCD BOR stands for brown out reset, and this message indicates power problems. For a full desription, please see the fixed BOR setup page. BG Micro displays I purchased a 402 LCD with LED backlight from BG Micro and built the display according to the diagram above. When I plugged the display into the (...)
#include It is used to define the predefined keywords in hitech c compiler __CONFIG(HS & WDTDIS & PWRTEN & BORDIS & LVPDIS); is the configuration setting. HS = set oscillator clock to high speed WDTDIS = Disable watchdog timer LVPDIS = Disable low voltage programming BORDIS = brown out reset disabled put the '__CONFIG(HS & WDTDIS (...)
Most probably a power supply problem. Try turning off the brown-out reset and see if there will be any change.
What is the difference, if any between using equates (e.g. LCD_RS Equ 0x04) and using define (e.g. #define SDA 7)? When should one use equates and when should one use #define? I note that the PICS used in the ASM have features such as Power Up Timer, Watch Dog Timer, brown out reset etc. =? pl define..........:|
Does the ASIC already have a POR (power-on reset) block? If so then many of its resources might be free for you to use in the added requirement. Like some sort of reference and crude comparator, maybe you just duplicate the comparator and get the other bits for free, etc. What voltages do you consider "brown" and "green"?
PIC works from 2.4V to 5.5V, so it should work for 3.3V. Check the brown out reset configuration bits in the configuration registers if it resets. Change the brown out reset to 2V.