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hello PIC Eeprom or external I2C eeprom ? Both can keep all datas when Power Off occurs.. even it is better to manage brown out Reset Volatge or use a dedicated IC to survey power supply and be able to save data into eeprom,just before MCU reseting. you need to store an index , the last position (adresse) used to store data in to the eeprom, i
I checked this program in PIC18F452 , the program working perfectly ,I don't known why this program concept not working in PIC18F2520. The above routine is just part of the whole code, and it hasn't any directive to handle the fuse of the brown-out-detector, which sugests that you likely programmed it differently
better to have line input to full diode bridge to 47K then to 0.1 -1uF cap in parallel with LED and cathode back to neutral. Collector output should go into Schmitt trigger with small RC delay to avoid glitches during " brown out" capiche?
Hi, i am using a PIC18F26J50 on a project, my power source in this case is a lithium batery 4.1V with charger (LTC1733) feeding a 3.3V regulator (LM1117-3.3). The problem i have is a well known issue, but i still couldn't find any solution to it. When the battery is depleated and begins charging, it charges at a very slow rate, and so increasing th
What is the reason you don't use the hardware i2c controller, if you have such a device in your microcontroller? If there are differences btween HW and SW, I would suppose the SW variant has bugs in it, not taking care of the special conditions at power down, or you have not enabled the brown out protection of the MCU.
In such situations I would suggest the following things: 1. Increase the decoupling capacitors of Atmega32 VCC pins - put if possible tantalium capacitors 47 to 100uF/6V 2. Enable the brown out detection on power up - it's important to keep the processor in reset state when voltage is low 3. At the beginning of the program put 100-200ms delay befor
Hello, The NCP1654 PFC controller has a brown out function whereby if the divided down average of the primary DC bus voltage falls below 0.7V (at the brown out pin) then the NCP1654 will stop switching. ..All well and correct up to now??but the problem comes when it trys to start back up again, because it would not be (...)
Having a HUGE capacitor bank is not a wise idea as you will be challenged to afford the capacitors and it wont buy you much brown out time. Get a UPS or a power supply rate for MUCH higher power than you need... but judging by your $ estimate of your PC it probably needs at least 500W and a 1kW supply does not buy you much extra time for a power d
Mismatched Power Supplies for output impedance and load currents is only asking for trouble with lag on startup and brown-out conditions with large DC outputs. woof... Are these not isolated that you can invert polarity directly? What is your power budget 200W per rail? What is your cost budget $0.10/W? and budget for (...)
Hi, My name is Mayur. I am new to PIC micro. I am using the PIC18F65K22 micro for low power application. When i put the Micro in the sleep mode, it consumed 50uA, although the datasheet suggests it should not be using more than 700nA. I have switched off RTCC, Watch Dog, brown out and kept all the port pins as inputs. There is the pu
You should make it sure in your bootloader that it will not overwrite it. Lock the bootloader to prevent it from unintentional write instruction from the application code. Set brown out reset to prevent flash corruption due to low voltage. I hope you really means bootloader corruption and not a bootloader BUG....
If you have an AC signal of suitable amplitude and use a full wave rectifier or use exclusive OR logic on successive delayed samples the transition will produce a zero crossing spike. YOu can choose any polarity of that spike by design in analog or digital and then use it to send pulses to triacs etc. A brown out or black out condition is (...)
Commonly it happens when the supply voltage drops below the brown out level of the module. Increase the supply current (the power supply should able to supply around 1.5Amps for a short period)
Hi, This app note explains Fail Safe is the relevant bit of a good thread that brown out R
You'll connect IN1-1 to brown and IN1-2 to black.
Could be watch dog brown out or your code what language are you using you not really gives us a lot to go on got some code snipett
Hello, I would like to operate a flyback converter at a wide rectified voltage range (from 50 Vdc to 380 Vdc). My design is currently based on the ST VIPER17L. Is there any way to reduce the start-up voltage of a VIPER? Although the brown out protection can be deactivated and the flyback can effectively work at 50 Vdc rectified voltage, it is
What are you utilizing to power the device? A poorly regulated power supply combined with the brown-out Reset (BOR) active can cause the device to repeatedly reset, essentially suspending device operation. I would recommend utilizing a 100nF decoupling capacitor as close as possible between the Vdd and Vss pins, use a well regulated power supply
A circuit would help help you. Till then, make sure you have disabled the brown-out fuse and enabled the power-on timer. Also, disable the MCLR pin, unless you specifically need it for reset.
Hi. If you need a brown-out circuit you can use some circuits ideas provided for MIcrochip. I have attached some pictures.