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Hi friends, I need to remember the answer of a question. But I cant handle the equation now. At bsc side of GSM speech transmits to bts side at 260 bits over E1 and at bts it has been coded to 456 bits and transmit over 20ms blocks so gross total we have a 22 kb/s data rate. We assume (...)
Cheap hardware??? I don't think there is cheap build a GSM network, even the scale is small, you still need HLR, AUC, VLR, MSC, bsc, and bts. Unless you can write all the software by yourself, then you might put all to a single server. This is almost impossible, as you need to do work which is done by whole Ericsson's or Siemen's R
me to i have 4 years with motorola equipments (bts, bsc, XCDR and one year on PCU). regards.
hello...can any one tell me that how much bsc can be handled by one MSC ??? and how much bts can be controlled by one bsc???? plz.........
hi I need some info about private mobile networks and some papers or books about bts & bsc in GSM
Hi alexandr, All the settings for bts are done in bsc/MSC. because bsc/MSC stores all the controlling settings for the underneath btss. I have never worked on Ericsson btss... I had knowledge of Nokia btss... The settings can be done through btss as (...)
Im doing my final year projct titled "receiver for GSM wireless communication" and now looking for a simple circuit to implement the project. Can i have a sample of GSM receiver circuit? By the way, can anyone tell me how does the GSM network like bts, bsc, HLR,VLR,AUC and MSC works? Im not really (...)
hi first question: Abis Interface The interface within the GSM architecture, between the bts (Base Transceiver Station) and bsc (Base Station Controller). This interface is usually configured using a 16Kbps slot structure. 3) Yes, u should inform them that ur mobile set is stolen, so they can block the IMSI(International Mobile (...)
hi bsc is Base Station Center which a number of bts connect to that and send their signals for that. bts is Base Tranceiver Station which communicate whith the mobile stations (Users) and send their signals for bsc. all of the bsc send the collecting signals for MSC ( (...)
Guys, are you joking ?)) GSM network consist of at least 4 nodes - bts, bsc MSC and HLR. Functionality of all these nodes must be implemented it is not needed to reprogram SIM to work on different bands . 2 network usage at the same time - you need 2 radio and controlling modules - not possible to (...)