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if you want to build a scope with an 8bit adc, then the step size is the one you have to accept.
Did you build the circuit? I still have doubts that oscillate..
Hi All, I am trying to build an AC current monitoring device which would allow me to sample AC incoming current using a MURATA 1:100 current transformer. When I use the scope to see the signal I can make out the waveform of the lamp I am using as load but its not clean it has alot of noise riding on it. Here is what my circuit looks like. [
This could be a starting point:- Once you have the scope build your own funnction generator, you will learn a lot doing this. Frank
Hello, I have build the Fig 2. load and probe from this page in order to measure a 1w @50R transmitter with my scope. First I just connected a 50R load without the divider. I think (without the divider) the writer assumes a 1M scope input for the measurements, am I right? Because if the 50R scope
build whole circuit including output FETs, put a fuse in series, monitor current drawn by half bridge to see if shoot-through occurs.
Hi Big, I took an overview at some link you gave, and confirms there are not yet avaliable a ready-to-use freeware cross-compiler SDK focused to ARM CORTEX A8 platform. Some links shows steps about how to build it, other link guide where to purchase, and another link sugested a Virtual Machine, but it´s out of scope. Thanks a lot for the he
hi, i need two capacitors for a scope build, they are 2500uf 25v, but are large can types with chasis clamp, i have looked for caps, and only find small caps. would i be able to use smaller caps at the same rateing
i,m tempting to build the purbeck p/w scope. and i am looking for three transitors. BC214K. and any one have a unused transformer for the purbeck scope april 1978 practical wireless
If you want to see eye diagram, you need to design/build/use a discriminator. That is the purpose of this test to see how much phase/amplitude distortion is in recovered signal. Integrated design solution is a PD5000 from Phychips. 73861 This uses LNA, PBF, mixer, fraction N synth Osc, AGC using RSSI dc level to con
I'm getting creative here - In addition to using a shift register, you could build one from clock divisors, AND gates and flip-flops..
jagz, Verification is a good job compared with design. You get to use much more of a language for your job than RTL design, which is usually a limited set. As a verification person, you get to build everything that is NOT the RTL, which can be more chanllenging than the design itself. As a verification person, your focus is different from desig
Hi I want to build a VCO model using matlab or simulink. In simulink there is a Block of VCO, the output i connect to time scope,and i wanted to connect a DC source in input and its not connecting, what i should connect in input? In matlab maybe somebody can help me to build a behavioral model of VCO. thanx!
Hii all, I am doing a summer rf project on cellphone booster, specifically a 850Mhz/1900Mhz bidirectional amplifier. I am new to rf, just started self learning it. I have an oscilloscope 15Mhz BK precision 1477, I wanted to ask if it would be any use in measuring when I build a prototype board. Thanks
I want to build a pc usb based oscillscope with pic18f2550 act as HID device. adc part using ads831 and CDCE913 - Programmable 1-PLL VCXO Clock Synthesizer with 3.3-V LVCMOS Outputs act as variable clock input to ads831, for different time base usage . But as sampling process goes on pic18f2550 is sending signal data continously to pc , if I chan
I am trying to build a 40M SSB transceiver. The output signal is difficult to measure because I don't have a fast enough scope or a spectrum analyser. I have been measuring with a high frequency probe and a frequency counter. I can tell that there are some other signals presetn in the out put such as a little bit og the LO and perhaps some harmi
I am trying to build a boost converter. The scope of my project is that the input voltage is variable (8V to 23V) and the output is constant (24V). I am using PIC16F877 as the switching part and MAX627 as the MOSFET driver. The switching frequency is 20kHz and my boost converter should be able to run until 100W. Problems occurred when I test my
Dear all. i am new to simulink and sys gen of xilinx.. i am trying to build BPSk modulator.. for that i am using pulse genrator of 500 bps.. sine generator of 8KHz... i am able to generate these waves which i am viewing in scope... I am giving this to a Mcode block of xilinx,i got error - the input must be output of another xilinx block
Just how well do you want to test it . If just a quick and dirty test, build a feedback osscilator on a breadboard and scope it up to see if it is osscilating.
Hello all! I'm back again with a question about what to build with the few components I have, or at least be able to start with the ones that I have. I want to build something for my hobby but not sure what. I am active in DXing shortwave and amateur radio, and also medium-wave (AM) radio. I attached my inventory of parts to this message
Hi all, I need to know somethink about automotive scope UsbOscilloskope - Autoscope. It is very good scope, because it is writing on HDD. I want to build it. Have you got any electrical scheme ? look at . Sorry, I am not good at english.
You can derivate it in awaves. Just build a expression in awaves and plot it.
Hi, does anyone have the schematic for ADC-10 / ADC-40 or any other scope/logger from pico technology. ( ) Since they have the software for free download, it would be interesting to be able to build the hardware cheaply!!! /Froggy
salam how are you ? i am graduate student in AAST in EGYPT. i build three phase inverter by using IGBT devices and using PWM operation to get the output of the inverter by using Simulink in Matlab. my problem, that is must be no even harmonics exist in the output waveform, just only odd harmonics and so on... but when i scope in the output i n
I am currently doing a simulation of OFDM in Simulink to be later used in a TI DSP. There are a few demos in Simulink which involves OFDM which i play around to familiarise with the blocks before i build my own model. There is one demo in Simulink called HiperLan2 which involves OFDM. What i'm trying to do now is to display the output
HI,.. I want to build the scope in this picture but I don't have the ADC0820, I have only 0804, 0808. Please tell me, how this ADC affects the scope speed, sampling rate & maximum frequency.? How the ADC0804, ADC0808 affects the scope features.??? Thanks to you all.
Hi I am new to this site. Right now my 4 channel scope is destroyed. I am looking to build a new one. I really like Colin's project(at the link below) with 4 channel scope but I can't write code. I have not been able to find anyone that can write code. Does anyone know any other scopes that are 4 chanel that I can make? Has (...)
Hi I am new to this site. Right now my 4 channel scope is destroyed. I am looking to build a new one. I really like Colin's project(at the link below) with 4 channel scope but I can't write code. I have not been able to find anyone that can write code. Does anyone know any other scopes that are 4 chanel that I can make? Has (...)
I suggest that you build a simple active probe with an attenuation of 100:1. It might not prevent you from killing yourself, but it will protect your scope. :wink: /Rambo
there is a series of articles in Elektor 2005 about using Delphi to build scope and signal gen using sound card, and explain how to use Windows APIs (through Delphi)to access the sound card hope it helps....
I plan to build LCD scope with colur lcd. Who can help me.
Why do you build it like bitscope,that is better than lcd.
fix the mouse and use it as a genius mouse then build a mouse using a picf84a get the programs from the microchip help files on there site or use an atmel controller otherwise carefully draw the circuit out and then youll know the connections use a scope to ident pins on the photodevices
Instructions Oscilloscope bandwidth is expensive, don't reduce it further with a slow probe. Expensive fast scope probes have high input impedance, which we do not need when looking at digital IC outputs. Oscilloscopes have more gain than we need for digital signals. So, let's sacrifice input impedance and voltage sensitivity, and save (...)
I have stored 2 kind of metal detector based on microcontroller. I build both and i am sur it is good. Have a look at filemanager: Neron/metal_detector. If someone have other schematics i am interrest.