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We invite you to join our next webinar (part 1 of a two-part series) if you want to learn about building a linux image for your product. The webinar will be conducted by our engineer Brandon Shibley and Jeff Osier-Mixon of the Yocto? Project. During this webinar we will tell you how to leverage the Yocto Project and associated tools to configure, b
You want to learn embedded linux which is quiet vast. Refer to O-Reilly's building embedded linux Systems and embedded linux Primer by Christopher Hallinan. These will give you an idea on the how embedded linux environment is like. To (...)
Hi I am in need of resources for building embedded linux hardware. My idea is to make up a general purpose emb linux dev board of my own. I need to know the bare minimum requirements fora typical embedded linux system and also the hardware problems to be taken into consideration while (...)
Take a look at /arch/arm/mach-s3c2410 directory of your embedded linux source tree. You'll see bsp of some boards (mach-xxx.c) which uses S3C2410. Inspect and try to revise one of them. It's easier than building a bsp from ground up.
Yes you can do this but uCOS-II unlike embedded linux for example does not require a specific driver interface. So any firmware or driver can be used in conjunction with uCOS-II. A good book for fimrware design is called embedded Systems building Blocks written by the same author of uCOS-II is a good starting point for you.
Development for ARM linux systems is like developing for Desktop linux systems. You should know how to use GNU tools in addition to normal programming. A nice book is called building embedded linux systems. -- Amr Ali
Hi, When developing linux based embedded system, which one is the most efficient (in terms of development time), stripping down a distribution like Slackware or building it from scratch by using LFS. The constraints of the system-wide design are: 1. x86 platform -- Pentium M based with micro ATX form factor. 2. Storage : 1GB (...)
linux for embedded and Real-Time Applications by Doug Abbott embedded linux By John Lombardo building embedded linux Systems embedded linux:Hardware, Software, and Interfacing By Craig Hollabaugh Ph.D htt
Hi chiptoxic, From my experience of developing a Xilinx (TM) LogiCORE (TM) PCI compatible PCI IP core, I will say that the documentation you need for the hardware logic design part of PCI design is the PCI Specification. (Rev. 2.2 is new enough.) I don't recommend buying PCI System Architecture or PCI Hardware and Software because all those boo
Instead of building a proprietary hardware, I'm considering to build the next design (a hand-held medical instrumentation apparatus) based on a PDA and any embedded OS, such as WindowsCE, PocketPC, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, linux PDA, etc. The major issues are all around their real-time capabilities and the difficulty of device-driver (...)
uClinux building for intel arm xscale example (how link:
For building GNU tools: