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From the thread, which shows NMOS bulk and sub! connection. 136234 I am wondering the whether the connection is right. The trip well NMOS device is used to isolate the bulk node and the noisy sub! node. In the above figure, the bulk and sub! are actually shorted togethe
No , as I know this is not a fabrication rule and the designer can can connect bulk (e.g Nwell of Pmos) to another node, but in most cases you must connect bulk to voltage extremes
Check the parameters of the resistor. It may specify the bulk node is tied to VDD.
Hi, I use tsmc18 RF model to model my NMOS. The RF model of the NMOS itself is a sub-circuit. When I run pss with spectreRF, it showed warning for the NMOS: "M0: Missing bulk-source diode would be forward biased", but I actually tied bulk and source together and they are tied to ground. I run transient and probe the voltage of bulk (...)
Intel 22nm is FinFET and foundry 20nm is bulk. Foundries are moving to FinFETs at 14/16nm node and they'll be ready for production in the next year or so. Both LOD and WPE effects should still be seen for FinFETs because they are essentially similar to bulk other than the fact that the channel is raised as a fin with a surrounding gate on (...)
The breakdown that you should worry about is gate to drain or gate to source. You will always have some leakage current that will limit the mid node impedance, specially in deep submicron CMOS processes. The breakdown is not drain to source ,but drain to bulk and source to bulk which are usually much more resilient than gate drain (at least (...)
... it didnt work ... It can't work; there are a lot of errors in your code, e.g.: The connection between node#1 & node#0 (GND) is missing All bulk connections are connected to GND (0), even the PMOS bulks !! Your AC stimuli are common mode, you can't expect any output from them. Anywa
Is it possible to output diode parasitics the same as RC using calibre PEX without having to explictly add them to the schematic? I have a mos device with its source node connected to the bulk and interested in the what the extracted diode is from the nwell to the substrate.
Thats because You have not defined transistor well. MNAME Draing_node Gate_node Source_node bulk_node MOS_MODEL You have defined it as: M_Q4 0 N00029 0 CMOSP <- so bulk of MOS is connected to CMOSP node. Regards/ noname_ab
MOS is a 4-node device: M node> node> node> <bulk/substrate node> . Your netlist has only 3 node names, so the model name is getting interpreted as the 4th node name. I suspect that the pmos model symbol has got (...)
For digital design, we hope substate to tie VDD/GND. However, if substate has large resistance, there is an IR-drop from well-tap to device bulk node, which will cause the body-effect and impact on device performance.
I have IC5141 and tsmc mm 0.18 PDK installed in my computer while i have not install icc11241,so i can't use virtuoso custom router to route automatic . When i route my design manually, i confront a problem: I have to add a contact(M1_SUB) to well,which serve as the bulk node of nmos. I use "create wire"command to connect the nmos source and SUB
to calculate the power dissipation in Complementary pass transistor adiabatic logic using spice i have taken the potential difference between the two node of the transistor(S&D) and multiplied it with the source current.but the problem is that entire source current is not going into the drain and some of it is going to bulk. so, should i take the
M10 is switch. M41 and M42 connect bulk of M10 to node with highest voltage (VG02 or HVINTERNAL).
I am trying to use a npn BJT from the analogLib. It seems like spectre only sets the bulk node to gnd! but I want it to be vee!. When I put this in the model properites nothing happens. Is there something I need to change in spectre to force it to use vee!.
Like I see pmos m9 and m11 are not same size. Why have you connected bulk of one pmos to source and other to VDD? What is the ratio od m0 and m2? It would be usefull if you also make Annotate -dc node voltages.
Yes, but the normal situation in cascoding is to have the body effect. Using the bulk to source connection (no body effect) will increase the parasitic capacitance of the cascode node due to the required well to isolate bulks. Bastos
This is a problem that occurs during IC fabrication. If you cut the metal close to the gate, you will not have the big metal connected to it until you go at end of IC processes. Another large used technique is putting diodes to each node (connected to bulk) to avoid this effect. I hope it can help. Mazz
how to trancelate the bulk node into chinses,what is its means :o