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Hi The HD controller chip has internal pull-up resistors making the line high if you have no input !. Very handy if you multiplex 4 bit LCD bus with matrix keyboard Paul.
Hi !!! I want some info from you guise ........ IS there any other protocol like CAN(controller Area N/W).....I mean similar to that.... I don't exactly recollect the name....One of them is developed by INTEL(some I-square bus or some thing....) I know some of them like LIN,Field-bus,Device-NEt etc.... Can you tell me some (...)
Yeah, that will be perfectly fine. There are digitally controller resistors on sale in the market, they are generally controlled by I2C bus, which is a 2 wire interface. You can emulate I2C bus by toggling two wires on your parallel port with a simple piece of code and thats all you need.
The Dallas Semiconductor DS80C400 is an 8051 based High-Speed Micro with 4 DPTRs, ROMless, WDT, 3 Serial Ports, CAN controller, 4 Timers/Counters, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Interface with TCP/IP in ROM, 1-Wire Net controller, 64 I/O Lines + Address/Data bus, 16 Interrupts/3 Priority Levels, 256 Bytes On-chip RAM, 9K Bytes On-chip SRAM, 16/32-bit (...)
My project is to implement CAN controller in XILINX FPGA using VERILOG HDL..... The problem I am facing is that, when two devices write a xero and one at the same time instant I get an x on the bus ...........this is an unsyntnesizable code......... One of the approach is to add a controller ther ..........but it kills the (...)
can someone direct me to companies that makeIDE(ATA) controller? ATA to CPU bus. Thanks, Bull
Hi, I use at89c5131 to monitor the key pad input and transmit them to the pc through the usb port. my questions are: 1) from the standard, if the usb bus is idle for 3 ms, then the usb controller will be set to suspend state, so does it means that my usb will always be in suspend state if I do not touch the key pad? 2) the resume signal come
Hi all; i want to design a system with 2 processor wich one of those is a protection of another. please help me for architecture of DATA and ADDRESS bus. best regards
Hi all; i want to design a system with 2 processor wich one of those is a protection of another. please help me for architecture of DATA and ADDRESS bus. best regards
I need to find an error over a GPIB bus, and I need to spy the protocol over a gpib bus that have a GPIB active controler from a machine . I need to convert my PCI-GPIB card as nonactive controller or listener and spy the protocole over the bus. I have tried with diferent commands using the program IBIC and the (...)
you can interface CAN to uc in two ways 1) memory mapped IO, used 8 bit address and data bus AD0 to AD7 2) you can use SPI interface which is available on some new chips and map it to the CAN chip. SJA 1000 dose not has SPI interface but many other chips have this interface. hock
Can bus is usually a daisy chain with terminations on both ends of 120R
hi all, recently, i have designed a PCI card and now i'm gonna testing it... but i heard that there is a danger that broke down the whole motherboard, if there is a small error in design(pcb design or functionality of bus)... let me know if there is any safety valves to doing this. tnx in advance.
hi i m working on usb enumeration, my device successfully detected by the system but in device manager its status is -"device is not work error code 10", the bus trace 4 my device by bus hound software is- Device Phase Data Description Cmd.Phase.Ofs(rep) ------ ----- -----------
I am planning to do a system using CAN bus, to interconnect all the subsystems each others. Which is the best IC in the market to do that, and which is the best microcontroller family to do that. Thanks in advance
If there are three kind of interfaces that I can choose, how do I choose proper interface to use? What are purposes of SPI, I2C, and UART? Lastly, what's difference between "bus" and " Interface"? Beacuse I'm a freshman in "bus" & " Interface", please provide me some basic and useful informantion. Thanks.
just a flash contrller, no other constraints. i'd like a contrller with AHB bus interface. anyone can help me? i didn't find it on opencore.
Hi Use AD7787 LCD tuch controller digitizer chip it's Use the SPI bus to communicate with CPU All the Best Bobi
friends, i am having severe problems with reading (and writing) from sdcard. i am using SD bus mode for communication with the sdcard and NOT using any sort of scard-controller for that. now i have successfully intialized the sdcard with ACMD41 (with OCR = 0x80FF8000 ), got the RCA and selected the card for data transfer. Now the card is on T
it is a SPI bus. only in one direction.. if you clock it.. it shifts the data out on the SDO pin.. in spi terms MISO (Master in Slave out.) asuming that your controller is a master. Connect this pin to your controllers MISO pin an tie the SCL to the clock. You need an extra enable line for the CNV line. On avrs you could probably use the (...)