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Here's the Circuit, as shown in fig1, There's Supply from adapter(9.5V DC), there's also a supply from the battery(8.4V Max). Diodes used(D1,D2) are shottky diodes, with a typical drop of (0.3V-0.5V). The problem i was facing was even though battery voltage at given point of time is less than Adapter Voltage(ADPT), At TP3, I was still getting batte
hi all right now am designing three phase protection circuit for that i planned to measure the voltage using resistor net work method, herewith i had attached my circuit and my volt measuring code, everything working good but in sometimes the R phase connected to AN0 pin shows high reading, kindly go through my code and give your valuable sugges
Dea Forum Im designing a FIR filter, in this case a low pass. I get the coefficients from Matlab (no matter from where..) ,that are from 0 to 1, in floating point. Now, I want to implement this FIR in my FPGA ,with buil in 18x18 multiplier. So,I transform the coefficient in integer value of max 17 bit (1 bit for sign) ,multipling (...)
Hi, Recently, I got this BLE v5 dongle , I plugged it to an ubuntu machine and started to check it using these commands $ sudo hciconfig -a No output $ sudo hcitool dev Devices: $ sudo hcitool lescan Could not open device: No such device But linux c
Hi I have found this filter/amp combination, being simple with nice features. I wonder can I use other opamps like the ne5534 or is the performance specific to the 741 and will differ if using other opamps? Also how about Jfet based ones like the tl071?
Hi all, Could you recommend some key/good papers about static CMOS comparators (not dynamic ones)? Thank you very much.
Hey all, I am using Verdi for simulation of RTL. We have lot of assertions in design and I would like to know if an assertion is fired in a simulation or not. There is a assertion debug mode which should list out all the assertions, however, I am not seeing any information if it is passing, failing, checked, or not at all fired. Is there some ki
I am trying to use a Colpitts oscillator followed by a common collector buffer to provide the sine wave to a bridge circuit (I plan to use the bridge to roughly measure a varying capacitor - C8). The output impedance of the oscillator and buffer is fairly low (if I have calculated it properly in LTSpice). 157335 When I
Hi , I am working on one project in which it require earth leakage detection >30mA on both positive and negative side. So,could you please suggest me proper reference books or articles and methods to implement it, because I am unaware of it. Thank you
hii, why requred to simulate atpg pattern in vcs but Synopsys Tetramax tool also option of run_simulation? Thanks,
Hello, I am trying a 2 cases setup like this where there will be 2 horn antenna facing each other and S parameter data will be extracted. For the 2nd case using the similar setup there will be a large metal plate in the middle of the line of sight of horn antenna. I should expect antenna with metal plate, the S parameter value should be very
Hello, I am interested in learning about analog integrated circuit filters - Active RC, GM-C, OTA-C, Switched Capacitor filters. Can anyone recommend books for learning in this field, with numerous examples ? I like the Valkenberg Analog filter books and also the Laker and Sansen book. Any other books ? Any course notes or (...)
In a prototype board for Lithium battery charge control, I have a three input AND gate (74LS11N). The inputs to the AND gate are: 1A = 5/0 volts from a digital output pin on an Arduino nano 1B = drain of an N-channel MOSFET (HUF76423P3) acting as low side switch on a 5 volt supply 1C = drain of a P=channel MOSFET (STP10P6F6) acting as a
Hi, Should resistor RP on page 1 of the HV7802 datasheet ideally be equal to the value of RA? HV7802 datasheet
Hi everyone I was hoping that someone would be able to help me out with my HKTS subwoofer power board. Having disconnected it for christmas, i was reconfiguring the setup and noticed it wasnt working so I decided to open it up and found some issues on the power supply side. I should mention that my electronic knowledge is rather novice but I am
Hi everyone, I have been searching for quite a while about the following subject, but canīt seem to find a decent answer on this. Imagine a 4-layer PCB (Top layer, Mid1 layer, Mid2 layer, Bottom layer). Mid1 layer and Bottom layer are GND panes with here and there vias to pass signals from the top layer to the Mid2 layer and back. RF signals on
I repair Satellite receivers and I often need to block the DC voltage on the IF line to do the repair . I need to block 13-18 Volts between 900mhz and 2Ghz while obviously letting the AC signal pass. If anyone can suggest a simple circuit I would greatly appreciate it.
Hello all, I hope someone can help. I have short violations in my low power design. They are happening inside my power domain (i have an internal power net that is routed by Special Route in the power domain), and it happens with Tap Cells, Encap cells and Fillers only. Power swicthes and regs are not having shorts. I don't understand why thi
Let's say I have 5 NMOS with size W/L connected in series (stacked) with gate connected together, from what I understand this is functionally equivalent to a single NMOS with size W/5L. In terms of saturation check only the top NMOS will be in saturation while the other 4 will be in triode. My question is regarding this saturation check, specifica
Hi, I have a circuit which reads 24V, scales down to controller compatible voltage and controller reads HIGH when 24V is connected, else 0 when 0V is connected. Essentially its a positive logic. 24V = HIGH and 0V = low. If I want to convert the same circuit to a NEGATIVE LOGIC i.e 24V = low and 0V = HIGH, what would be simplest way without chan