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I have a Samsung Laser Printer whose display is 16x2 LCD monochrome, its non backlit so I want to change it with a backlit one, I have attached the image of the pcb, it has 15 pin ribbon cable attached but what I know in backlit LCD, 16th pin is for backlit, may be provides power to it, im a novice so have no idea, if I buy a generic 16x2 backlit L
You can buy nylon screws and nylon nuts and nylon washers that are perfect for insulating things.
I have never designed or built an IC, instead I buy ones that are already made. If I make an OTA with a 2N3904 and 2N3906 at the output then its output capacitance is 9.5pF plus at least 6pF for the pcb, before a load is added.
Don't be afraid to us "Google", or RTFM, and then buy a book on the subject. There are a lot of books available. A simple search on will list a lot of books on the subject. - Make Your Own pcbs with EAGLE: From Schematic Designs to Finished Boards - Complete pcb Design Using OrCAD Capture and pcb Editor - (...)
We used to make our own shields from sheet brass, tin plated , etched at a pcb shop with fold marks and solder tabs. But you can also buy from Tech-etch (I think) or their distributor in china. (mindar). Some had lids.
hi, i have no idea of fabricating antenna. if i have substrat, SMA then how can i fabricate a planar antenna ? that is how can i made copper pattern printing on substrate? i have no factories around me that can fabricate antenna so i want to fabricate it for myself. secondly for measurements i need to buy far filed probes OF MY WORKING FREQUENCY
Fine wire Tinned Copper gauze is also used for shielding. Look at product design tear-downs for ideas. We used to use custom tinned brass folded shields soldered to pcb. You can buy custom in volume or use std sizes. But if not , protoypes can be made using photo tools to define etching with dotted lines on one side for 50% etch-thru for folds.
buy them from a Mil std supplier in India perhaps, have you tried looking for one? Or are you after free copies from on the net?
Hi to all, i need one 3D full wave solver for my design flow in signal integrity simulation. Now I have ADS per 2.5D solver and transient simulation and it works fine for my jobs, but now i need to simulate EMC an EMI emissio of our system, and i must choose between the following SW: -Keysight EMpro (easy to include in my design flow with ADS)
What are the warning messages you received? Note: I strongly recommend to use kiCAD pcb software than eagle. kiCAD is free software and no restrictions on number of layers and size of pcb and also use of pcb whether it is for project or commercial purpose. But Eagle has some limitations on these issues. If you planned to (...)
August 2014... time to update this. So I'm learning to code the Microchip PIC chips... and I'm at the point where I want to buy a programmer. I'm using MPLAB X on a MacBook Pro. Which Programmer do I get? I see all kinds of horror stories about the PicKit 3... issues with not enough USB power to program the chips, also issues with having
If they produce the same amount of UV light they will work identically. However, UV tubes have a spectral peak at 365nm which is ideal for pcb production but common UV LEDs tend to be longer wavelength, typically 415 to 450nm which is not as good. You can buy 365nm LEDs but they are very expensive. Also consider a tube has a wide spread of light d
I recently took apart a HDD and found this board-to-board connector that's used to attach the controller pcb to the stepper motor pcb underneath simply through "spring" contacts. 102357 I'm trying to figure what this connector type is called so that I can buy it on Mouser or Digikey. The pitch of the connector in the p
Hi all, I know ICD2 is obsolete and we can buy ICD3 at less than $200 now. BTW, I needed to debug my code on 16F1827 and most of parts were on hand, I had decided to build a ICD2 clone and a 8.5V Vpp limitter. (poyoto rev.B?, using transistors) It took a few days from etching pcb to soldering, now it works fine with old PICs like 16F877A. (erase
Good am po ma'am and sir. I would like to ask if where can I buy connector for this type of thermal sensor since I am located in metro manila. We tried to create using pcb but it wouldn't fit and also tried using sandpaper in order to make it thinner but due to the pressure applied, it became either to thin to one sides of the pcb. Thank you (...)
I want to purchase Blue Press-n-Peel pcb Transfer Film Paper for Circuit Boards Etching in India. Please tell me any place where i can buy these.
i buy from china negative dry film. i use soduim carbonate to developing dry film . after developing i see the copper when i put pcb in ferric chloride to etching it. the pcb is not etching because there are an Transparent layer of dry dry film " i use a correct layer of dry film i know there is 3layer sandwitch". i try all thing and (...)
in order to make a USBasp you need to have a programmer so I would suggest you buy on from ebay, it costs a few dollars. If you want a basic programmer you can make
hi I am looking for some SMT glue for securing large soldered SMT components to the pcb for mechanical stability. In factories they use something called SMT adhesive. Can someone suggest a type of SMT adhesive that I can buy in an online shop in small quantity in the US? I am not interested in Loctite superglue or other generic types of glue,
Hello, We wish to get LED lamps made by our pcb assembly place. We realise that they will usually buy full reels of the Cree XP-E LEDs. Though is it possible for them to buy the LEDs in say half or quarter full reels?, they may be able to get them cheap and only half-full off ebay, or it may be stock that is left over from a big (...)