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i am new to this embedded world i dont know how to write c program for turn on LED and how to connect buzzer to nRF51822 controller my objective ; press the button for 2 seconds then LED must be turn on followed by the buzzer must provide three beep signal please help me to do this task as soon as possible
Hello guys ,i have brought TMB12A05 buzzer ,,Its sound is good but its continuous !! I want to make it discontinuous, but without any controller or IC ,,I just want know if there's an analog circuit for making it discontinuous !! I want it to be as small as possible !! is it possible to do it with some combination of cap & diode ??
I want to add HT12E encoder and HT12D decoder in proteus. there is no default lib for that. I tried to make one new HT12E model. But some errors. Please help. I want to receive a transmitted signal continuously. A buzzer should warn if the transmission losses. I am using AT89S51 micro controller.
hi, where is your circuit.....? in this case we need adc to convert analog signal to digital. connect the buzzer to any port pin usnig transistor as switch. 82100
My project is to detect continuous IR signal, once the IR path was blocked for more than 200ms it should sound a buzzer. So created a IR transmitter with 38Khz using 555 at one end. TSOP1738 connected to PIC micro controller at the receiver end. My observation is once the IR path was blocked means TSOP1738 became active low for approximately 100ms
I have used UDN2981 in my project to drive 4 seven segment displays, 2 big LED's & 1 buzzer. The Vs pin(9) is connected to 5V supply of micro-controller. Resistors for displays & LED's are chosen accordingly. Now my problem is that the sound from buzzer is not enough on field. I will have to increase the supply of the (...)
The beep sound is possible with a piezo buzzer which needs only transistorized circuit.
I think he aims to couple the RF garage door controller to the car buzzer. It is usefull to allow driver to keep hands close to steering wheel. I had noticed some kind of that product here at local automotive market. However, the original purpose is not to connect at car buzzer, but at car headlight. +++
Hi, Haven't you placed any LEDs or a buzzer? I think there should at least be 8 LEDs and one buzzer with provision to connect them directly at the output of the ATMEGA8535. You could also have at least one switch (momentary or latched) that pulls a pin low when pressed. Just a suggestion.... Could you let us know some more details? Hope this helps
use one 8 bit controller say 8051. the timer can be uesd for the time count. the count can be set permanently in the program or can be changed by a keypad/ dip switch if required. u can use led/ buzzer/speaker or all of them as outputs.. thats your choice..
Hi friends this praveen fresher in PIC programing.I have written code for buzzer(piezo) and is working but how to make it off. what is the wrong i have done this the code plz help me #include #include "delay.h" main() { PR2=82; //setting PWM period CCPR1L=0b101001;// setting duty cycle to 50% CCP1X=1; CCP1Y=0; CCP1CON=(CC