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Plz, Help me. Not able to get correct values on lcd. I am interfacing LM35 temperature sensor with PIc18F4550 with 20Mhz frequency. I tried a lot. But, not getting right output. Below is my code: #include #define RS PORTCbits.RC0 #define En PORTCbits.RC1 void delay() { unsigned int q; for(q=0;q<10000;q++); }
I am looking for 16x4 lcd initialization code for lcd in 4 bit mode using pic18f
I m using PIc18F and c18 compiler I wish to make milliampere meter but in coding i have a problem please guide me how to write code for getting value of current in milliampere 0-5v is applied on RA3 chanel3
hello, Are you sure about the syntaxe of declaration i don't know C51 but for c18 case i use like this. font5x7.h contains : const unsigned char tableN = { 0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00, // 20 space ASCII table for NOKIA lcd: 96 rows * 5 shorts= 480 shorts 0x00,0x00,0x5f,0x00,0x00, // 21 ! Note that this is the same set of codes for cha
103135103135No display my code is not working anyone please help i hv attached my code i am using MPLAB c18 compiler pic18f4550
Im getting this warrning PIc18F4520\main.c:42:Warning suspicious pointer conversion I want to show characters on the lcd, here is my code /* Main.c file generated by New Project wizard * * Created: Fri Feb 21 2014 * Processor: PIc18F4520 * Compiler: MPLAB c18 */ #include #include
hello, temp = numb/10000000; temp = (numb/1000000)%10; temp = ((numb/100000)%100)%10; i suspect a probleme, even i didn't try your code... for the first 3 items.. because you will allways get 0 as result with using unsigned int for variable Temp. (Divider is over range > 65535 !) i propose this code , c18 MPLAB use
hello, if you are working with MPLAB c18 you can use the Xlcd library extract of init void XlcdInit(void) { //PORT initialization //4bit mode //Upper 4-bits of the DATAPORT output Xlcd_DATAPORT_TRIS &= 0x0f; Xlcd_DATAPORT &= 0x0f; //control port initialization (...)
Hi all, I'm new to writing code I am trying to interface a 4 row by 3 column keypad to display which buttons are being pressed on the lcd and its being used in a security/password scenario. the lcd is a hitachi HD44780U I am using the c18 compiler on MPLAB and the microcontroller that has been assigned to me is the (...)
here i am using mplab c18 compiler to try to display '1234567890' value as it on lcd unsigned char sachin; unsigned double voltage = 0,step = 3215820; voltage = 1234567890; sachin = (char)(voltage/1000000000) + 0x30; sachin = '.'; sachin = (char)(voltage/100000000)%10 + 0x30; sachin = (char)(voltage/10000000)%10 + 0x30; sachin[4
Im using micro chip c18 compiler. im sensing the oxygen level of the person using pulse oxymeter sensor and tranmitting the sensed value as the input to the PIc18F4520. now i want to display the output in lcd with respective to sensed values of sensor..plzz send me the coding
hi all i am using c18 picdem z lcd18 i cant get my lcd working display out i had do a online search but simply cant work #include #include #include #pragma config OSC = XT #pragma config WDT = OFF #pragma config LVP = OFF #pragma config DEBUG = ON #pragma config PBADEN = OFF // PORTB<4:0> pi
Hello here is my program #include #include #include #include #include #include "lcd.h" #pragma config OSC=HS #pragma config WDT=OFF #pragma config PWRT=ON #pragma config LVP=OFF unsigned char x; void babys(){ SWStartI2C(); SWPutcI2C(0xd0); SWPutcI2C(0); SWPutcI2C(0)
Hello here is my program #include #include #include #include "lcd.h" #include "delays.h" #include "CTYPE.h" //////////////////////////Variable unsigned char xs; unsigned char i1; unsigned char flags; unsigned char recv; unsigned char msg; unsigned char ip; unsigned int lenght
lcd data pins are not defined. See - - - Updated - - -[/CO
how to interface t6963 based lcd in c18 Compiler, first i tried to port another codes (CSS and GCC-AVR) and it did not work, now im wondering if there are anybody faced this problem before and how did he solve it(library, code, xlcd.h , port....etc) Thank you max
Hello everyone I just started learning programming PIC microcontroller, and I am trying to display a string on an lcd from PIc18F4550, using I2C protocol. I wrote the code and compiled, programmed it using ICD3. But it doesnt work. I use a USB demoboard. I am using c18 compiler and MPLAB 8.85 The lcd (...)
Hello, while looking for an easy way to display floating point number on a lcd I've came across lots of threads asking for this. But none of them gave a good enough solution. So I've decided to combine them. Yes yes, maybe this is already known for most of you, but maybe beginners will find this useful. This is for PIC MCUs, c18 compiler and
Hello I tested your example with c18 . I think you have to use transfert from ROM ( Flash) to Ram memory, to be able to use your procedure lcd_WRITE with carcateres stored in ROM space. or try to declare your message in RAM ! You have some chance if it seems working ! but with more data , you will get nothing good. because "Effets de bo
Hi all I am working on source code to display Characters on a 16x2 lcd using a PIc18F4550 microcontroller. I am using MPLAB IDE with c18 compiler. I am writing my source code and on compiling I get the Error struct or union object designator expected. When I looked up the error in the MPLAB CI8 users guide I found this me