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if u have xc compiler then read this thread and implement
Hello Does anyone have book, reference or some simple code with serial eeprom (24cxxxx) and c18 compiler ? I've found this on web from microchip but there are no example code. Thx Best regards
Hi, Without seeing your code, its difficult to say whats the problem here .Anyway you can follow one of a method as shown in below, even though its belongs to PIc18F with c18, make necessary changes to your PIC & compiler. Here the controller just enters to Interrupt when a first byte is recieved. After that its manually read the bytes . Also y
Hey thanks but im not coding in HI-Tech C. Im usign c18 complier:roll:
Hi, I'm trying to make a code for Pic serial communication with Labview by serial RS-232. I'm using bootloader together, this is the code: ************************************************************************************************************** #INCLUDES **********************************************************
If you are using the c18 compiler, look in the directory. mcc18/src/pmc_common/SPI In 'mcc18/h' directory you will find 'spi.h'
Use c18 instead, then you can use the Microchip Ethernet stack.
one thing missing are the lines to set TX RX as output / input. If you want to reduce manual coding, just use the c18 library assume clock 20MHz #include OpenUSART( USART_TX_INT_OFF &USART_RX_INT_OFF &USART_ASYNCH_MODE&USART_EIGHT_BIT &USART_CONT_RX &USART_BRGH_HIGH,64 ); // 64 = 19200bps // 10 = 15200 putrsU
hi i'm doing a project using pic 18f452..i need to interface it to pc for serial communiction with 9600 baud rate...i'm trying to dispaly a character on hyper terminal but i'm not able to see a character on hyper terminal.can any1 pls help me i here by attaching my c code...i'm using Mplab IDE n microchip c18 compiler.... #include
Hi all I am using PICDEMFSUSB example in MCHPUSB - generic driver demo folder of MCHPFSUSB framework v2.5a. I am using pic18F4550 for non-microchip board not fo PICDEMFSUSB board. I want to use pic18F4550 as a data acquisition card. 1) After the ADC has performed conversion and the data is in ADRESL:ADRESH , now HOW TO SEND that data
Currently im working on a project using MPLAB c18, im using PIc18F67J50. How am i going to read the data from the PIc18F67J50 after the scanner had scan the card? My project is configuring the card scanner machine using serial port. The card scanner machine is attached to RS232 port. Can anyone give any advice or any code (...)
im a newbie to programming, hope every one can help. Currently im working on serial port programming, can anyone give me coding on programming the serial port im using MPLAB c18, the chip is PIc18f67j50. THKS
#include /* for the special function register declarations */ #include #pragma config OSC = HS #pragma config WDT = OFF #pragma config LVP = OFF //char data_string; unsigned char i = 0; unsigned char ch=0; //int r = 0; //~~~~~ START OF MAIN~~~~~~ void main() { TRISB=0; PORTB=0; //for ( r =
hmmm hihi, i written a code for the serial communication to receive data in C language...for my pic18f452 and im using c18 compiler...currently i dont have my hardware to run the testing on the wondering will this code works when my hardware come..can check the codes for me whether the code will able to receive DATA when available at USA