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I know about MTech-cad (vlsi) Courses offered by BITS, Pilani If you are specific about Embedded you can check M.S.Rammiah Or Coventry University (USA) courses are also offered in MS Rammiah but don
In very simple and top level terms, to have min. sw. delay use a min. no. of transistors in your design. Have you tried building various configs of the 4 i/p AND gate in your cad tool and then measuring the delay in each case? And how to build a 4 i/p AND gate using pMOS and nMOS transistors is covered in any basic graduate level vlsi test book.
Here are a few lectures they are self-explanatory. you can also refer: Neil H.E. Weste, Kamran Eshraghian, Principles of CMOS vlsi Design: A system perspective, Addison Wesley publication. Fundamentals of Modern vlsi Devices by Yuan
HI I have completed M.Tech in vlsi and I am in US now and I want to complete vlsi course online or vlsi Certification or if I get training on cad/EDA tools it will be very helpful. could ypu please help me out. THanks
cad tools were in use before the "vlsi" era. We used them even for trivial SSI logic, just because building something to see if it works is stupid expensive (and that was then, on 4" projection-aligned wafers using our own mask shop). How many transistors do you think you're capable of stringing together, fully functional and error-free, with a
provide online courses for free i think there is two courses that you may like them vlsi cad : Logic to Layout MOS Transistor by Yannis Tsividis you can enroll in the class for free and watch videos do homewor
Hii, I am thinking of trying to publish a IEEE paper in EDA. So I need some help in selecting a topic about a vlsi circuits that can be designed, simulated and synthesized using an EDA or cad tools. Please suggest me some topics in this Thanks in advance.
cadence is a professional tool for complete vlsi design line. properitary tools may not reveal the algorithms used inside.
RetroTechie, the tool is a vlsi cad package. The name is misleading and doesn't really describe it's functionality. You can see it at: Brian.
Can we download book, "Digital vlsi Chip Design with cadence and Synopsys cad Tools" ??? Please do upload or send a link if u have it. Thanks
vlsi Design involves a lot of practical work that requires cad tools and sophisticated lab facilities. So It is a regular course. I think no institute will offer M.Tech. vlsi Design course through distance. If there is any, You will have a degree only for the name sake. If you are really interested, I suggest to go for a regular M.Tech. (...)
Hi, I am new to cad tools and would like to learn Synopsis. Can anyone help me with material which can guide me through the basics. Thanks & Regards, Ravi Tej.
Hi Dipesh, May be project season and internships going on at MU i guess..lot of influx from vlsi cad students of Manipal..;-) Regarding your spice code....try posting it in Analog IC Design and layout for quicker response.. for now go thrugh this thread has hspice code. maybe you can correlate
Well, that's the fundamental problem with the free tools - foundries don't do anything for free, so you're hoping someone will do the work of faithfully, rigorously translating the foundry PDK from a supported tool. Last I looked, which is maybe a decade back, Electric had a few foundry "PDKs" that you could use. But they are unlikely to be m
Hey Krishna, So you are a MS vlsi cad student from manipal university. I think you should start working on some cell characterizations..experiment with different logic styles. This will give you a initial start for working on more complex designs. One more were saying you have a done a miniproject using verilog so you dont want to d
Manipal offers MS in Microelectronics & vlsi cad. Its not a correspondance one, its a Part-Time . You'll have the classes on every sunday.
hi plz tell me different cad tools used in each IC stages.............. (such as for layout we use magic,cadence etc)
Hi These two books Hdl Chip Design: A Practical Guide for Designing, Synthesizing & Simulating Asics & Fpgas Using Vhdl or Verilog # by: Douglas J. Smith # Publisher: Doone Pubns (March 1998) # Language: English # ISBN-10: 0965193438 # ISBN-13: 978-0965193436 Digital vlsi Chip Design with cadence and Synopsys cad Tools # by: (...)
Zhu's book is a very condensed summary of commands, methodologies, and examples for popular extraction and parasitic extraction tools, and it explains in some detail such concepts as extraction, parasitic extraction, layers mapping, netlisting, back annotation, technology file, extraction flow, etc. For a broader overview of cad/EDA tools - ther
Hello there, I 've seen this in forum many interview questions in respect to vlsi design. However I'm curious to hear some vlsi cad interview questions. Can you share some ?