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Linux MINT is not supported platform for cadence ADE.cadence ADE 6.17 supports Redhat and Ubuntu Linux distros.I have installed on a centos 6.8 and I had faced to resolve many compatibility problems. Ubuntu is free and supported, why don't you try it ??
I have centos 6.4 (x64) and virtuoso 6.14 I. when executing in terminal to load iscape.04.21-P004 I got the following error. The installed InstallScape is not for the LNX86 Platform. Please Use the InstallScape for LNX86 Platform. Exiting ... some Thing Wrong? I tried yum install java and yum install glibc
what is the last mmsim version for cadence ic 5.14 ?
Hi cuiviay You should install cadence on scientific linux better than centos. From you log file I can see you install cadence virtuoso 6.1.4 64bits on centos. I did install on ubuntu and centos before and get crashes so many times and I decide to install on (...)
I'm willing to install cadence virtuoso IC615 in centos 6.5 x64. I installed latest Java runtime environment for 64 bit Linux, and I'm trying to run install scape from terminal which leads to the following error Initializing InstallScape using JVM at (...)
Hi emax00 I installed cadence ic615, mmsim12, assura 410 and all of synopsys products on centos 6.x, scientific linux 6.x and ubuntu 12.04 without problem. I think for latest RHEL installation much easier others because 3 others OS need to install a lot of package (libraries, etc..). Since RHEL is not free anymore that make (...)
Hello i am using cadence 5.1 on centos (RedHat) i got a free technology files FreePDK45 and i don't know how to add to cadence i hope you can help me doing this (iam beginner in cadence) Thanks a lot
Hi, I am using the ic6.15 version of cadence in centos 32bit. When i simulate a circuit using Analog Design Environnement GXL with spectre, the simulation completes and waveviewer opens but nothing is displayed. I can browse in the result browser and select one of the nets and it displays the result. But (...)
I need cadence Virtuoso for Windows.
I have installed IC-615-06.15.151 and MMSIM_11.10.445 but failed to start virtuoso. I am using centos 6.4. When I start the license server using ?lmgrd_v? alias defined in bash file it says server is up but the desired vendor daemon is down. When I check the status of server using ?lmstat_v? alias it says the license server failed to start.
I have installed cadence IC6.1.5 and Calibre 2011 (centos 6.3 OS) when I run calibre drc, I get the following error ERROR: Invalid Calibre software tree: /Tools/mentor/calibre_11/x86_cal_2011.2_34.26 and calibre doesn't start plz, help me
I have installed centos 6.3 (64 bit ver.) and then IC5141. I had several problems on way to installation and i solved them from the answers of the forums.after installation i start the tool as follows using tcsh mkdir cadence cd cadence icfb & the virtuso logo appears and then (...)
hello there i have a problem while i try to run ifv i source the ifv_setup which located at: ifv/bin folder and there what it says: ifv_setup : (c) Copyright 1995-2009 cadence Design Systems, Inc. bash: /home/edatools/INCISIV-10.20.026/tools/ifv/bin/ifv_setup: line 11: syntax error near unexpected token ``/bin/uname`' bash: /home/edatools/I
I'm an analog designer and was considering set up a linux workstation to run some EDA tools, such as cadence 5141, HSPICE, Calibre (DRC/LVS) and Matlab etc. I tried Ubuntu but too much trouble with older version EDAs. Any suggestions? Regards, Neo
I'm trying to make cadence running on centos 6 (I've tried also RHEL) but I always get blocked by an error. In particular, I'm able to install IC 614 package, Assura, MSIM and LCU using iscape. No apparent problem to install all package. I'm using the same machine also as a license server. Again, no apparent problems in ma
I installed IC5141_USR4 on centos 5.5 successfully. but it occurred a simulation error about complie. So i guessed this error occur because Cetos 5.5 is based on 64bit Kernel and IC5141_USR4 is based on 32 bit. Afterward, i update cadence version to IC5141_USR6. But this error occurred yet. Please help me to solve this problem i (...)
I am new user in Linux and cadence IC.Now i have installed IC6.1 and MMSIM61 on centos 5.4.But i cannt not do any ckt simulation becoz of model library.I read many topic about it, but i am not sure ,which Design kit is good for Analog Design Environment. I have downloaded NCSU design kit ,but not successful in installation (...)
Hi everyone, I have problem with using cadence CONFRML 6.2 when i source CONFRML C-Shell It work normally with no error message but, i type "lec" to activite CONFRML it doesn't have any responsed and error message in terminal it just stop there! somebody can solve this? works well in centos 4.8 64Bits ,but 5.x is not
I have installed IC610 on centos 5.3 - 32bit version. When I start icfb, I get a bunch of errors like below. Any idea what is going wrong and how to fix it? Qt Warning: X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) 8 Extension: 153 (RENDER) Minor opcode: 4 (RenderCreatePicture) Resource id: 0x44 Qt Warning: X Error: BadMatch
Hello, Please advice the best OS system to install cadence IC5141 & IC610. I prefer installation with simple steps, so which OS is suitable? Thanks. regards, Kumar