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Can anyone give me the word document for exact PD Flow in cadence encounter that incudes steps from loading netlist to signoff(GDSII).please help me...m fresher in industry so give me some flow stepwise document in word/pdf...
How to calculate the delay after layout generation( post layout) in combinational circuit multiplier design in cadence soc encounter. How to give clock in timing constriant file in combinational circuit design . I want to see area, power, delay after layout ram
During post-route timing optimization in encounter, I get the error message, "Power/Ground pin is floating!". What does this error message mean? Verify -> Geometry reports no violations. I also ran the following command, "globalNetConnect VDD -pin VDD -inst * -type pgpin -all -override" (and same for GND) before special route of the power rings. Th
Hello all, I have some questions regarding Synopsys SAED90nm EDK library: 1) Do I have to configure any setups in cadence encounter to place and route a design using Synopsys SAED90nm library ? 2) What is a Milkyway library ? 3) Is it easier to use Synopsys ICC or cadence encounter with this library for P&R ? (I'll
For purely digital simulation, from encounter, you would run rc extraction from within encounter - and this will allow you to output a SDF file and Verilog netlist you can simulate in ModelSim/Incisive. (You can also generate a SPEF if you want to look at the RCs, but you need a SDF for simulation). For analog simulation, you need to extract a s
Hi All, After performing cts in cadence encounter skew requirement is met but, there are some fanout violations in clock net. How to clear these clock net violations? Is there any CTS command to do that? If so please explain the procedure .. Thanks.
Thank you for the reply!!! I appologize for the unclear description. I simulated my d flip flop in modelsim, verfied the functionality. Then loaded the d flip flop verilog code to synopsys design vision. I loaded link and target libraries and synthesized the design. Next i added delays to the input and output of the flip fl
Hi, I'm new to innovus. From where I can get the help which are related to innovus tool. Please help me. Thanks.
Hi can anyone please explain me the steps to obtain the tape-out file once the layout design is complete. I know the final file to be taped-out will be in .gds format. Can i obtain this gds file from encounter tool or am i supposed to export it to cadence Virtuoso and then do the tape-out by following the steps as shown in this link
Hi doing analog layouts in cadence virtuoso i was able to find a library (read only) file which i used as pins which was arranged around the layout design. But for a digital design in encounter how do we place the pins around the core? Do we have any technology file provided by the foundry which we can use or do we manually build a pads and save th
If I have understood correctly, you are looking for ATPG (Automatic Test pattern Generation) tools. cadence encounter. Synopsys TetraMax. You have to generate different test-patterns to check various faults.
dear all can any one explain 1.begining arrival time 2.other end arrival time in timing reports of hold violation generated by encounter cadence thanks in advance
I am working on a digital design and i synthesized the design using synopsys. My next step is physical design using encounter. I have done analog layout design using cadence. I could do DRC run and LVS on the same tool. Same as that for digital layout design in encounter how can i do the DRC and LVS. Can i do it solely with (...)
Hi i did layout of an solely analog circuit using cadence. I also did digital layout (which was much automated) using encounter tool. But how is mixed signal layout done when both the IC has analog and digital blocks. Like what is the procedure. Can anyone kindly explain this to me pls??? Thank you!!!
Recently I've been doing an experiment with only one lib and one SDC, which means I only have one analysis view (typical). However, after calling write_sdf to generation the SDF, I'm surprised to see the SDF contains MIN and MAX delay, rather than showing only TYPICAL delay for each path. What's stranger is that MIN delay is not the same as MAX del
Hi i am unable to do design optimization in cadence encounter, i am getting an error regarding that the timing library is not included. During design import i add the following files 1) synthesized (.v) file 2) LEF file 3) timing constraint file (.sdc) that got from synopsys. I do have the timing lib file (.lib) to include for timing constra
Hi i synthesized my design in synopsys design vision and was able to extract the gate-level netlist (.v ) file. I also extracted the .sdc and .sdf files too. I am just a beginner and learning to work next with encounter. For importing the design i require to include a lot of files like LEF, MMMC view definition file etc. For synopsys i had the link
Hello. I now have a synthesized netlist with all SVT cells. Then in cadence encounter, how to replace all SVT cells with HVT cells. I do not want to achieve this by modifying the synthesized netlist. What I have tried so far is I provide both SVT and HVT libraries to encounter. Then I use set_dont_use all SVT cells. However, what I got (...)
I created the layout of my design using encounter and then imported it to cadence icfb. When I do the LVS check, the netlist matches but the number of pmos and nmos in schematic and that in layout are different. What might be causing this problem ? and how can LVS match when the number of transistors are different? 128272