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I am using cadence 6.1.4. I want to generate layout of programmable OTA design shown in attached file. How to apply differential inputs so that i can perform post layout simulation Thanks in advance71357
Hi hall, I installed the ext software for parasitic extraction with cadence 6.1. After opening my layout view, in the LOG window I can see the following warnings: *WARNING* (LCE-2011): Cannot determine the function of layer 'AL_RDL' in constraint group 'virtuosoDefaultextractorSetup' of technology library 'umc65ll'. (...)
Hi all, Can any one tell me how can I use cadence Assura to extract parasitics while using Calibre LVS in the verification flow? Thanks in advance, Ahmad.
yes it must be same technology. all r different format with different information it carries lef file contains only metal layer information with RC values and routing information like delays with repective metal layers. dont confuse with any other tools. u must read the cadence design flow first. then only u can understand all. try to downloa
Typically derived layers are used for device recognition or extraction. The logical AND of ndiff and poly define a NMOS. If you browse a extraction rule deck you will find typically more derived layers than orginal GDS layers. Some of the derived layers are used also for display in analog extracted view in cadence or to (...)